Art: Feeling Rested, Healthy and Sane

Hi Everyone,

How are you? Are you feeling rested, healthy and sane…or tired, sick and psycho?  If you get my drift…

There are lots of things you could be reading right now.  I’m happy you’re here.  Right off the bat, I want to share a token of gratitude for you choosing to visit Triangle Park ATL:

I promise never to burden and bore by sharing

Political opinions on this web page.


In other words, you’re not here to read what I think about such and such.  I get that. Triangle Park assumes you desire to exit feeling rested, healthy and sane…not tired, sick and psycho.

So, let’s go ~

ART anyone? 

Art is one of the great healers and soothers; a pastime that leaves you feeling relaxed, accomplished and satisfied.  The art process is like an innocuous drug; a safe high that sucks you in, makes you forget about time and takes you away while never having to pack a bag or update the alarm app.  

Art falls into many categories: sculpting, painting, performing, culinary, drawing, architecture, ceramics, music…you know the realm.  Whatever floats your boat qualifies as long as you are creating original art — whatever it is that “takes you away.”

Remember this lady:

I was cruising along watching this lady emerge on the paper when I came to one of those “uhoh, what do I do now” conundrums.  What happened was I had to make a decision regarding her hands. Have you ever drawn realistic hands?  Whoa!  The hands are the point where tired, sick and psycho takeover for me.  I pretended the hands weren’t there for about five weeks then realized I needed help and messaged a long-time friend and former Callenwolde Arts instructor, Thom Keyes.  Thom is bomb!

Thom stopped by for a private lesson and sketched in her hands all the while explaining how to best create them (“look at them as shapes, not ‘fingers’.”)  What do you think?  Bear in mind she has a long way to go! 

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Here’s a pic to pick at:    An oldie but goodie.  A bread truck driver posing with Mother during a summer job, circa 1940s.

Saugatuck, MI (©Shellsween14)

Here’s more art in the form of flash fiction:

Love and Hate