Bahama Mama Picture Drama

There is only one word to describe the Baha Mar resort in Nassau: magical. I hope when I go to heaven, that it will resemble this resort.

From the lobby, to the rooms, to the pools, to the pristine beach, there wasn’t an “ugly” area to speak of. It felt like I was in an alternate reality during my 4-day stay with my mom and sister.

So as not to forget our stay in this fantasy land, we took a TON of pictures. Every trip down to the ocean required a full on photoshoot, because how else would we remember such an incredible experience? After all, one of the best parts of vacation is all the Instagram posts you get to make (jk).

On our first excursion down the beach, we immediately started snapping pics of each other. And we got some really great shots. A few of my favorite pics are from that first day (peep our Instagram to see these).

But on the second day of our trip, our picture taking took a turn for the worse. The day in general started out a little rocky. We woke up with plans to meet with the concierge to discuss potential excursions for the week. By the end of our meeting, we had excursions planned for that day, the next day and the day after that! Four-wheeling, horseback riding and a trip to Blue Lagoon for a dolphin encounter. We were excited for all of these excursions, no doubt, but something felt off.

Before our pickup time for four-wheeling, we decided to mosey down to the ocean for lunch. When we got down there, the sun was shining, blue water glistening and people were glowing, enjoying the gorgeous atmosphere. It didn’t take long for us to a reach a general consensus that we had no motivation to leave the resort. We quickly scurried up the path to the hotel and canceled 2/3 of our activities. Then we went to the room, put on our cute swimsuits and made our way back to the ocean.

We staked out on some beach chairs and spent the next few hours playing in the water (and taking plenty of pics). We got some SUPER cute pics in the water, but toward the end of the day we were continuing our antics with not quite the best results. At one point my mom even got up in Diana’s face and took a pic so close that even Cindy Crawford would cringe if she was the victim.

We all got back to the room that afternoon eager to post on social media. My mom announced she would be posting a collection of pics. When I peeped Facebook to see what she posted, my first reaction was to scream “MOM WHY DID YOU POST THAT???”

Let’s just say she didn’t post the best pic of my sis (the up close one) and also posted one of me and my sister on the bed on our phones (I look drunk in it).

I guess it was out in the open that we aren’t as glamorous as we look on our instagrams. Social media is a glossy version of people’s lives. So I was quite shook when the opposite was on Facebook.

What are your thoughts on less-than-flattering pics on social media? Here is a very unflattering pic of possibly one of my fave memories from the trip – eating truffle parm fries and drinking and Bahamian beer.


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