Cop Crash

When a crisis occurs, I know, I know, they’re in a hurry. We all know they’re in a hurry. Cops, that is. A call comes in and they have to respond with SPEED – light bar flashes, siren blares and their foot turns to lead. It’s an emergency! But, jeez be extra careful not to cause another emergency for Pete’s sake.

I used to think it was kind of exciting when cops roared by all lit up. Not any more. Those blue lights and their new woop woop siren scare the doodoo out of me. Especially after seeing an ostensibly cop-caused crash just before Christmas.

Jeff and I were sitting fourth back at a red light on Collier Road where it intersects with Northside Drive in Atlanta. We heard woop woop behind us when suddenly the cop was zooming past in the opposite lane of direction like a bullet. He approached the red light with zero visibility of cross traffic at high speed. His lights were engaged but we didn’t hear a siren. Seconds after entering the intersection came the disturbing sound of metal and steel colliding. Dreadful.

A couple days ago I ran across a similar event: 11alive The woman in this news story lost her arm in a comparable accident. Personal injury attorneys Arnold & Itkin referenced in a February 2018 [web] article the following: “Each year, there are approximately 300 fatalities in the U.S. that occur during police pursuits.” (Kinda wish I didn’t know that.)

Those statistics and two seemingly avoidable accidents close to home are worrisome, mostly in regard to young drivers and the elderly (of which I have three). When you hear police sirens or see the notorious blue lights ablaze, be extra careful and safe…EVERYONE! Even if you see the lights but don’t hear a siren, take extra precaution.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley


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