Could It Be – #flashfiction

Could It Be

(Day 2 of 30 day challege)

Jayne hadn’t seen Chad in four months.  She wanted time, space, a subzero. Chad wanted kids and also a subzero.  Rumor was

Chad moved out of state.  

How could he be standing in line at the library, too?

Chad waited two hours before walking in three-people-behind Jayne.

Inside, Chad fiddled with something in his pocket; Jane’s brow dripped sweat.

Will You Marry Me appeared to emerge from thick, hot rafter air above.  Jane wiped her brow.

Exiting, Chad emptied his pocket in a trash receptacle.  Jayne pressed: End Call after dialing 911.

Smoke soared.  The End appeared to emerge.

100 words, not including title