Fear Not I Say

A four-year-old boy cries in the night. His mother rushes in.

“Bobby, Bobby what is it,” she asks.

“A monster! There’s a monster under the bed.”

“No, no, there isn’t. You were just having a bad dream,” his mother says peeking under the bed.

Screeching she leaps on the bed grabbing Bobby in her arms.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s only a Palmetto bug. I’ll wake Daddy to help us get it.”

Palmetto bugs are a cockroach species. They’re unnerving home intruders with hard, outer shells that make a clicking noise when bumping or flying into hard surfaces! That’s right, the little suckers have wings to fly, should they choose.

Palmetto bugs are my big chill pet peeve fear!

They’re essentially huge, flying cockroaches that:

  1. Saunter through the house on balmy days

  2. Race madly along baseboards

  3. And whoosh like mad, micro kites

A few years ago we renovated our home. Doing so rustled a family of Palmettos out of their cryptic, attic abode. One particular booger refused to leave…until the day it fell out of a recessed, ceiling light onto my chest…as I lay in bed.

What the ____?

I bolted from the covers dancing around and screaming. It took Jeff and me the usual 15 – 30 minutes to find the _____, smash, bang, stomp and toss it in the toilet. Astonishingly, it maintained a threatening stance from the commode…arms and legs swiping at the air forming a fist, declaring that it would get us next time…just you wait.

Did you know that those little monsters can live up to a week without their head?? Without their H.E.A.D.! And get this: they might grow a new head back? Sounds creepily like, umm…Satan!

(You won’t believe the facts contained in the Science Insider video!!)

Also akin to Satan, the Palmetto isn’t going anywhere. A Washington Post article by Susan Okie (1999) says they’ve been around for 350 million years and have morphed into 3,500 different species of cockroaches. Nice.

It’s unclear whom Palmetto bugs scare more: children or adults. It is clear, however, that all of us will benefit from cockroach education.

Personally, I choose to fear not:

“Tell everyone who is discouraged, Be strong and don’t be afraid! God is coming to your rescue…” Isaiah 35:4

(Be prepared to laugh at what happens to the hunky guy in this video!!)

I’ll be there to rescue sleepless children frightened by Palmetto clicking sounds in the night even if it means clutching them and reciting Isaiah 35:4 while doing so.

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley

(Savanna and Diana’s fear factors below!)

Note: It’s feasible that I could have provided my own photos for this. However, I have yet to photograph Palmettos in the toilet or otherwise disabled about. Thank you to Youtube videos, Crosswalk.com, WA Post and Animalia Life for included images.

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