Feline Family Additions – TWO!

Just when a nice drawing and flash fiction cadence happened for moi, I go and sabotage it by acquiring two feline family additions.  

Is this a cat blog now?  Hopefully not.

Both of these cats aren’t permanently mine.  One is Savanna’s (we’ll call him Snookems for now because he hasn’t officially been named – suggestions welcome).  The female, Snookem’s sister, is ours (Pearl).

Why do I have both of them in my basement right now?  Because Savanna and Joey are travelling this weekend and it’s not right to leave Snookems all alone, in a new environment.  

Their adorableness and perfectly pleasant dispositions is the good news.

Here’s the bad news:

Snookems and Pearl have had so much fun cavorting and exploring their new world in the basement of our home.  All sorts of particles and organisms have been stirred up.  ~ I’ve never had allergies to any animals. ~ And I don’t believe a cat-dander conflict has suddenly appeared.  But, I definitely know the perils of allergies — mold and other pollutants — ostensibly all of which Pearl and Snookems have joyfully stirred up.  

These two precious feline family additions are absolutely beautiful and their dispositions are perfection.  We are lucky and blessed to have been approved by the pet adoption agency.  Oh my, what an ordeal that is.  You have to fill out an application, participate in a phone interview, provide a copy of your driver’s license, promise to love, adore, protect, provide… just kidding about that last part.  But the process is serious stuff which makes you want them even more.

So here they are, our latest members to the family: Pearl and Snookems:



In other news:

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Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Savanna and Diana’s input: Our new additions!