Flash Fiction – 44

Flash Fiction – 44

Black, pitch black.  Danger whispered and echoed.  Heart pounded, hands froze, mind useless.  Sweat rushed from every pore. A door was inches away, straight ahead, no left, no right.  Was there a door?  Cold and heat permeated.  

Eyes finally closed and a light shone.

An image of a dark room


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Flash fiction written by anyone and everyone is entertaining.  I liken it to elementary age art.  There isn’t “good” and “bad.”  The uniqueness of individual perspective of brevity flows like freedom.  There isn’t time to ponder, over-edit, analyze and add formalities of acadamia.  The spontaneity of flash fiction makes it fun for both reader and writer.

If you would like to share a flash story on this page I would be thrilled.  Email: triangleparkatl@gmail.com.  Of course there are many outlets to send your stories to but beware because there is a good chance they will be scrutinized, critiqued and torn apart. Having your stories put under a microscope often depletes potentially brilliant flash authors of desire to continue.

That won’t happen here.  I simply want to share individuals creative brevity with readers who visit my site.  So long as there is no offense, vulgarity, or anger-filled content all will be published.

This website is privately owned.  I seek to make connections that are not on a public platform.  Connections with people who share the same interest in art, writing, travel and photography.  I have been working on this blog for several years.  According to many, 80% of blogs never earn $100.  My goal is to be part of the 20%.  By visiting and reading you are helping me achieve that goal.  Like many things in life we can’t reach our potential without help from others in the community.

Thank you for visiting and please stop back in again.

Love, Shelley

Flash Fiction – 44