Fun Dip Fix

Who can deny that craving something really, really badly means…you gotta have what you just gotta have.

Last Thursday evening after a long eventful day a craving came over me the likes of which, if gone unfulfilled, I was certain I’d perish.

It was after dinner. Fun Dip, I want a Fun Dip. Ostensibly, it was a low blood sugar crisis.

Remember Fun Dips? They used to be in the candy isle of grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations and more. Usually, they were on the bottom shelf where the good stuff gets allocated. Back in the day Grape, Cherry and Lime had their own pocket of real estate; the vanilla dipping sticks also had their own private pocket. All four treats in a single Fun Dip on almost every candy isle! Last Thursday night I discovered that that’s no longer the case.

Mission – Find Fun Dip began.

First stop: Rite Aide. Hundreds of seasonal Halloween candy bags packed an entire isle in our neighborhood Rite Aide, not to mention their impressive ongoing candy selection. After scrutinizing row after row of Fun Dip-lessness, I accepted that they were not part of Rite Aide’s bonbon repertoire, seasonal or otherwise.

Surely CVS would have Fun Dips…Google said they did.

CVS made Rite Aide’s Halloween inventory look sparse. I resorted to asking an associate where the Fun Dips were hiding. With down turned lips and sorrow in her voice, she informed me I would not be leaving with a Fun Dip in hand.  A rice snack with mango and coconut in it would have to do.

When I got home my husband inquired as to what had taken me so long. The whole outing took place with my cell phone sitting on the kitchen counter. I explained the not-so-Fun Dip flop and re-googled it.

For all you out there in need of a Fun Dip fix get to TARGET as soon as possible. They stock them seasonally for Halloween. They’re not the same as back in the day though. There’s only one flavor and one stick per package. But they still pack the same tart, sugary, crave-satisfying punch.

Psst, if you live in my neighborhood and you’d like one, give your kids the code word: mom on Halloween and I’ll stick an extra in their bag. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley

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