Getting Grandma Out

Like Grandma (Gam), like Grand-daughter!

These two twin’n ladies sure look like they planned these outfits: What are you wearing? Let’s wear red shirts and white's 4th of July week. But it wasn’t planned at all. Like Grandma, like Grand-daughter, for real.

We visited Gam yesterday and had fun (as usual) taking photos around her home. As long as she has her makeup and hair in place, Gam is always a great sport when it comes to snapping photos. Back in the day, she was quite a photographer herself. I have hundreds of pictures that she took and some how have managed to get them digitized for safe keeping.

As many know, Gam doesn’t use the internet or a cell phone. Of course she’s perfectly capable of having and using both -- she chooses to forego modern technology. Most of Gam’s energy is put into making three wholesome meals a day and shopping for supplies to accomplish that. She even purchases and hauls home gallons of Deer Park water [on her own].

Now that COVID19 is in the rearview mirror, we’re happy and relieved that she goes out to dinner with us. We took her, for the second time post-COVID19, out for Italian food. She’s always game to ride with Jeff in the Porsche. Here she is climbing out of 91-years-old.

Getting in and out of that thing is no easy task, trust me.

Having mom out and about is truly a blessing. IMHO, the past year is akin to fighting a war. There are too many people that are no longer with us. Though many of them didn’t succumb to the virus specifically, a collateral damage effect is hard to ignore. Sad. Really sad.

Gam survived the insult that was COVID19 by shutting herself down [majorly]. We are thankful she did that. Now, Onward and upward, as she likes to say.

It’s my hope and prayer that you and yours are also back to “normal.”

God Bless YOU.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

No, we weren't posing at all ~ My leg looks so weird.
No, of course we weren't posing. We do that all the time.