Hats, Horses & Honor

Taxes are a fact of life.  Sometimes they’re a frustrating fact of life.  Why not make the best of them by giving money to charity.

Savanna and I attended Polo in the Pines last weekend. The event was an Atlanta Polo Brunch Festival benefiting Children’s Health Care of Atlanta.

Polo in the Pines is virtually in our Buckhead backyard, yet we’d never been there before. Given the fact that we are indeed “horse people,” this fact is puzzling. I tried unsuccessfully to find it once before and, similarly, Savanna and I struggled with Google maps to get there again. Any empty seat at the event, I’m convinced used Google maps.

Once we arrived, it was worth the App angst.

Audis and hats galore greeted us for viewing, trying on and sporting should we choose. Caviar, oysters, shrimp, crab, champagne, and open bars rocked from the get-go while horses galloped with mallet carrying riders in the background.

The Life of the Party

The live auction began as a delicious sit-down, family style lunch of brisket, ribs, grits and salad wound down.

As Savanna and I were getting our pictures taken by the champagne sabering scene, one of the photographers called out my name. The man (Paul) was someone I hadn’t seen in 34 (THIRTY-FOUR) years. I wore sunglasses and a hat for the occasion, but also to hide a very sad hair day. I imagine Paul noticed me because Savanna (close to my age 34 years ago) was standing next to me and he saw me in her?

Now that we know where Polo in the Pines is, we’ll be back and we won’t use Google maps to get there. More importantly, we hope that our dear friend, Sean O’Keefe, will invite us to future events benefiting Children’s Health Care of Atlanta so that we can help make a difference and help take the bite out of life’s pesky promise ~ taxes ~ in a fun, giving way.  It’s a honor.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Flash Fiction:

Take That

He was the cutest boy in school…no doubt, smart too. But, no way was he “the fastest person on earth.” Give me a break! The biggest bragger on earth maybe. Everyone hated his bragging. I wasn’t cute, smart or fast. I didn’t brag either. Until the day I fed him a knuckle sandwich. 55 words.

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Polo in the Pines

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