Heard of Closet Chaos?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing well and staying sufficiently entertained during the final stretch (hopefully) of Facemask-fashion times.

I've recently fallen in love with a new source of entertainment: Closet Chaos. No doubt, you know of country superstar, Sara Evans! I’ve always enjoyed Sara’s music and lately I discovered her up close and personal by tuning into: Closet Chaos on Instagram Live - Mondays @ 8:30 est.

Closet Chaos features Sara Evans and her daughter, Olivia, sharing real-life, mother-daughter affection, talent and anxieties while casually in front of a camera, in a home closet. (Don’t we all live in front of a camera to a certain degree?) Sara and Olivia are blessed with an abundance of beauty and gifts. They came up with Closet Chaos as a way to virtually share their life and talents while circumventing lockdown-boredom. The closet setting and their demeanors are genuinely engaging, unpretentious and they hold my attention, which is hard to do. [In short: A funny, organic, talented, intimate, [famous] mother-daughter glimpse that also shares star-studded guests and impromptu singing.]

When I first came across Closet Chaos I was impressed by how down-to-earth and true to themselves Sara and Olivia are willing to be. They bring an authentic harmony --for lack of a better description-- Olivia actually does sing backup harmony for Sara, but no pun intended.

They truly are down-to-earth and genuine!

Whether you’re a famous singer like Sara Evans, or a mom, dad, doctor, lawyer, nurse, entrepreneur, volunteer, oil barron, blogger...whatever...life at home is likely crazy and flawed at times. I love Sara’s self-assuredness in sharing her home and imperfections. But what has hooked me to Closet Chaos the most are the things that remind me of my life and mother-daughter relationship...the things that make Sara an everyday person, not only a Superstar singer:

  • Angst and irritation sitting next to young, beautiful Olivia

  • HILARIOUS comments like the one about the audience maybe seeing her “belly” and a comment to Brad Paisley that Carrie Underwood “isn’t even cute”

  • Never being satisfied with how her hair looks

  • Cat and dog stories

  • Technological reliance on Olivia

  • ADD and Moodiness

  • Loves Target but also shops at Walmart

  • Doesn’t take herself too seriously

  • Olivia gently poking fun with Sara, and

  • Their love of JESUS and crying when giving thanks (I do that too!)

Idiosyncrasies like above keep me tuning in to Closet Chaos on Monday evenings. They also feature a special guest every week and that makes it even more enticing. Thus far, I’ve seen: Radney Foster, Debbie Dover, Kellie Pickler, and Brad Paisley. I also went back and watched an interview with Martina McBride.

Identifying with Sara Evans’ and her relationship with her daughter(s) is fun and easy and I imagine it would be for any mom or dad. What isn’t easy is relating to Sara’s God-given singing talent (I can't sing!). Oh well...there’s always the option to live vicariously through someone who can, like Sara Evans!

Sara, thank you for sharing your heavenly voice, genuine spirit, and home on Closet Chaos!

Mucho gracias for reading and visiting Triangle Park ATL!

Love, Shelley

While I'm at home watching Instagram shows the girls are out exploring Miami in a single day: Savanna's blog on the experience. Diana's take!

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