Intergalactic Warfare

Intergalactic Warfare

World War II fire and fury?  Easy-peasy compared to Fred and Fran’s frenzy tomorrow. 

“You’ll never understand,” says Fred.  

“No, you’ll never!” says Fran. 

Missiles fly, bombs blow inside each. 

“Two feet and 200 shoes, seriously…” says Fred. 

“Giuseppe Zanotti, only $1,495.00, hello…” says Fran.  

Back and forth, circling and tapping Giuseppe Zanottis fuss on Fran’s feet. 

Scratching his head, Fred’s scalp punctures.  Fran’s body hunkers down, dead weight.

Stares turn to missiles, headshakes to earthquake tremors, breathing launches bombs, until…

Two frenzied galaxies reorient, cease fire, and snack

Time marches on; until it was yesterday.

100 words

Hi Y’all,

Have you ever tried your hand at writing flash fiction?  There is a 30-day challenge in the link below.  The first prompt is: an impulse buy leads to intergalactic warfare.  Admittedly, I had to look up intergalactic.  But once “impulse buy” clicked with the war thing…the fun began.  Intergalactic warfare ideas buzzed all around.  Experimenting with flash fiction is a great way to get your mind off whatever it is you want to distance from.

One tip: be yourself.  You don’t have to share your innermost being, but it does help to be authentic.  If you’re not true to your words and intentions, it shows through.  Respect your readers.  Assume they are a bright bunch of folks.  Assume they can and will read between the lines.  If you’re anything like me, just one reader who is entertained by your work is more than enough!

As always, thank you for stopping by my website to [hopefully] be entertained.  I’m going to share an update on the “lady” drawing next time.   And, one of these days I hope to make a video on how I cut my own hair and have done so for all of 2020.

On another note, I’m headed to Mom’s today. Good is coming out of 2020.  Isolating seniors is not good for their health.  Therefore, we’ve been spending more time than usual with Gam lately.

Love, Shelley

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