Like Owner Like Dog

Remember the dogs that looked like their owners in 101 Dalmations. Physical appearance is one thing but have you ever noticed dog demeanor in relation to their owners? No doubt, Savanna and Diana look like me physically and in behavior. So…could my beloved four-legged son, Gus, have a tendency to exhibit canine characteristics relative to moi?

Last week as I was preparing a killer Paula Dean meatloaf that called for oatmeal (hubby’s fave) instead of breadcrumbs, I discovered I had zero eggs.

Expletive ~ expletive ~ expletive slipped right out of my mouth.

In three short years we will cross the 30-year mark living on the same street, in the same house. One might imagine there’d be a neighbor or two that I could borrow one bloody egg from. Idk, times have changed is all I can say – people come and go and lifestyles differ.

The good news: Atlanta was relishing yet another blue sky, 85-degree October day. Gorgeous! Half-happily I headed to the grocery store on foot which is only a couple blocks away.

Omitting such a fundamental meatloaf ingredient such as eggs made me not the best of company for myself – scold, scold, scold. As I approached the final turn I couldn’t have been more delighted to notice a neighbor friend from our street. This neighbor is lovely, elegant, intelligent, and her son is a dear friend of Diana’s. She was out enjoying the stunning day as well with her gorgeous, lovely, elegant, intelligent dog, Lucky — virtual clones of deportment.

With animation and effervescence (Italian-esque hand gestures and orderly ADHD :-), I expressed my joy in bumping into the two of them. Calmly and collectively they returned the sentiment. As I reined my awe and envy in at their similar deportment I resumed the egg journey, delighted we had arranged a future coffee date together.

My (our) beloved Gus is an affectionate, at times over-zealous but always well-meaning, sometimes silly and positively eager dog, publically and privately. I, too, fit comfortably into those categories.  Coincidentally, my neighbor’s dog ostensibly mirrors her poised demeanor. Could we possibly be influencing our dog’s personality?

Just in case the answer is YES…as of today, I’m going to stop apologizing for Gus’ innocuous idiosyncrasies. He is who he is and I’m hopelessly proud of him.

Incidentally, my lovely neighbor and I agreed that we will knock on each others doors when in need of eggs or other incidentals.  Glory be God!

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley