Love ATL Empty Nester

Hi Everyone,

I’m still plugging along with the Empty Nest dilemma. But, regardless of trying to figure out what to do during Empty Nester phase: Empty Nester love ATL

  1. Volunteer

  2. Get a job

  3. Go back to school

  4. Draw and paint again

  5. Beg girls to blog with me until I die

  6. Hope to be a babysitting Grandma soon

  7. Travel far away so I don’t think about it so much

One thing that I do [virtually] every minute of every day is thank God for my home “base,” Atlanta, GA.   I love where I live. I love Atlanta, Georgia — South Buckhead, Westside ATL (center of the (my) universe).  Empty Nester Love ATL

The number one reason for all that ATL love is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the blessing of living 14.3 miles from it, End of Story. It certainly could end right there. But doing so would ignore other reasons I love living in Atlanta. Delta Airlines for instance. Jeff and I met on a Delta L1011 (ATL–SLC) right around the time we both pledged loyalty to DL SkyMiles, in the ‘80s.

Last week, Jeff came home from a Delta flight to Boston with a torn out page from Sky Magazine. The article, “Cultural Capital,” by Christina Lee featured a photo of our daughter, Diana, with seven of her closest friends from high school. Here it is:

Love ATL

Sky Magazine page from “Cultural Capital,” by Christina Lee

Love ATL

Front: Diana, Paige, Abigail Back: Bishop, Toren, Lizzie, Emma, Quincy

The random photo was taken a few years ago by a media agency, I assume. The irony grows. Eight of the young people in the center of the photo are/were Atlanta Public School students. They all live in Buckhead and I could brag about each one of them but of course I won’t.

There they are, flanked by super star ATL rappers Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris and the infamous pink Trap car. I know right, how the heck do I know anything about Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris and/or The Trap. Well, [cough cough] Ludacris’ daughter attended Atlanta Public Schools with Diana. Jeff did grounds work with Chris; we attended a Morris Brandon Elementary School auction at the GA Aquarium where Ludacris generously donated many items and graciously socialized.

The Trap?  Well, a while back out of nowhere a hot pink car and a hot pink painted house (Trap House) popped up down the road. Though rather quickly they were asked to relocate. Young people came from all over to take pictures in the pinkness. All along, I thought it was something “TI” orchestrated; he lived down the road in the opposite direction at the time. But Diana corrected me saying, “No, Mom, The Trap is 2Chainz.” What? Who? Savanna took a photo (unfortunately we can’t locate it) atop The Trap car and my friend’s daughter, Kyra, was there with her dog Louis Vee:

Love ATL

Kyra and Louis Vee

When I saw Diana and her friends pictured in an article that talked about OutKast and “ATLiens” it made me smile. Andre Benjamin attended Sutton Middle School, also part of Atlanta Public Schools where Savanna and Diana went. I’m a big Speakerboxxx fan and have always admired Andre Benjamin’s incredible talent. Ceelo Green, another artist to emerge from Atlanta Public Schools isn’t featured in the article but I’m a big fan and would love to meet him (or maybe he is, I only have one page, lol, complete copies are on the way!). Diana told me a few weeks back that her friend’s sister “t-boned” Ceelo Green in a traffic mishap. Oh my, you just never know how, who or when you might collide with someone you admire.

Atlanta really is a Music Mecca these days. My friend, Marjorie, texted me this photo just the other night asking if I knew who 21Savage was:

Marjorie and 21Savage

I didn’t know, but now I do.

Waka Flocka and Savanna

And it wasn’t long ago that Savanna texted me a photo saying, “I just ran into Waka Flocka at Whole Foods!” Waka who? What?

So ya, I haven’t figured out exactly what to do during Empty Nester phase, but this week I’m leaning toward:

  1. Beg girls to blog with me until I die

Because blogging is a lot more fun with hip cohorts that keep you up to speed on cultural happenings.

Cheers to Delta Airlines, SkyMagazine, Atlanta Rappers and Christina Lee  for including the photo of Diana Sweeney and her terrific friends (Bishop Wright, Toren Stafford, Paige Overmeyer, Abigail Shipps, Lizzie Darby, Quincy Staley, and Emma Hare). You couldn’t have chosen a brighter group of young Atlanta kids to represent Music Midtown if you’d held auditions. Cheers to Atlanta Public School students too!

Empty Nester ATL Love keeps growing and growing.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Psalm 133:1  Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for all to dwell together in unity!


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