Microneedling – Preserving Youth

I won’t be surprised if “preserving youthfulness” ends up as an OCD category before I die.   Women will succumb to and pay for the wildest, [whatever works] remedies for a younger-than-the-truth look.  Guilty! I’ve explored an option or two in the name of preserving youth.  

Last week I tried a DIY microneedling procedure. The tool I used is pictured below.

In this day and age, one would expect before and after photos or a video of me executing the procedure.  As much as I’d like to provide those, rolling micro needles back and forth over my face in a bathroom, while a camera stalks me, isn’t my style.  But here’s the tea if you’re interested:

A few months back a medispa, Truffles (I just couldn’t resist checking it out because it’s located in our condo building),  recommended microneedling for an expression line between my eyebrows. I wanted to take them up on it right then and there, but doing so meant I was obliged to pay for needles to treat my entire face whether I wanted to or not.  

Rather than throw money down the drain I opted out.  Next thing I knew Savanna and a friend of hers, Kat, recommended a DIY micro needle roller that they both use.  I was surprised to hear they microneedled because Sav and Kat are young, fresh and beautiful.  

— Did you know that botox is recommended for people in their twenties now?  Paralyze that menacing muscle before the enemy wrinkles attack in the first stinkin’ place?  I guess the same goes for microneedling?  Wake that collage up already…hurry, hurry? —

Amazon delivered a Lolysenta Beauty Care roller and Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Serum (recommended after care)  to my front door the day after I clicked: Place Order.  I’m sure you know the drill.  

Before I started “needling,” I made sure my face was cleaned thoroughly with a gentle cleanser.  Here is the video DIYMicroneedling that I watched before attempting this mild madness.  

The needles didn’t “hurt” as they rolled over my skin, but the sensation was prickly and “needle-like” all the same. Note: they did not and should not penetrate the skin (light pressure y’all!).  Apparently, in a medispa the needles do penetrate and slight bleeding is common though.

When I was done rolling I had a flushed, pinky-red, awakened complexion that I’m thrilled to not have a picture of.  The next step was soothing hyaluronic serum and, of course, sterilization of the needling tool.

Is microneedling worth the effort and money?

Yes.  Personally, my skin needs a break from exfoliating.  Exfoliators are everywhere you look, even washcloths exfoliate.  Skin thins as you age, so a little exfoliating goes a long way. Microneedling doesn’t do that.  The tiny needles promote a “healing” process that stimulates collagen production. I’m optimistic about incorporating microneedling into my skin care routine.  

At age 57, preserving “youthfulness” is wishful thinking.  I just want to do whatever works and isn’t too painful so that friends, family, acquaintances and MYSELF continue to recognize me in the grocery store and bathroom mirror.  I wouldn’t say I’m OCD with “preserving youthfulness.” But…time will tell.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Here’s another take on micro needling from Savanna:


Dermarolling for better looking skin


Mom and Sav made me Micro-Needle

On another note, I’m embarking on a drawing project.  I hope you’ll follow along in weeks to come:

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