PERFECT Suggestion

Planning Sav’s wedding is no tiny task. There’re dizzying details to be mindful of. After all, a wedding ought to be perfect…or thereabouts?

Overall, organizing is proceeding smoothly…almost scarily smooth. Friends ask me if Sav and I are having differences of opinion, or clashing and arguing about minutiae? These inquiries rather surprise me. No, we haven’t had the least amount of conflict.

There is one aspect, however, that presents itself as a personal stressor: music. I’m having trouble conceptualizing Savanna and I being sole orchestrators of her wedding day harmonious ensemble. Rhythm and lyrics speak volumes. The bride, groom and attendees are passionately touched by wedding music.

Joey and Savanna’s ceremony will be tiny, 14 total, in a venue that is vast. Church of the Apostles can seat 2,800 people.   However, Princess Savanna doesn’t fancy being the center of attention, which is why their vows service will be mini. She and Joey, on the other hand, relish celebrating with friends and family, which is why the after party will be maxi!

My heart says the music must be superb. The after party is a cinch: DJ. But the ceremony being in a location that emanates music from artists like Big Daddy Weave, Christy Nockels, local ATL talent, not to mention that my oldest daughter and the man she loves will exchange marital oaths on stage…Well, it all has me twisted in a worry conundrum.

Speaking with Sav on the phone not long ago, she mentioned that Joey suggested music: Perfect, by Ed Sheeren? Until then I knew nothing of this song. After googling and perusing the video and lyrics, I cried and about died. The video is a breath of fresh, mountain air; the lyrics simply perfect.

There’s one downfall. Knowing Joey suggested this perfect song causes me to not make it through to the end without crying. Is there a brand of mascara out there that can hold rivers of eye fluid?? Please do tell!!!

So, we have a supreme song but the conundrum is not fully solved. Who will sing it? Shall we play a recording? Instrumental? There are two enormous video screens in the sanctuary. What will be displayed on the screens while it’s playing?

Joey: thank you for your perfect suggestion of Perfect. May the perfect amount of blessings be upon your and Savanna’s life together. God Bless you!

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley

P.S. If you happen to know vocal artists in the Atlanta area who perform at weddings, kindly email me at Thank you.

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