Published Piece to Share! – GEORGIA to OREGON


Hi Everyone,

If you’re a writing enthusiast like myself, you know how exciting it is to get published.  I’ve had a few successes (apx. 8) but I never cease to get lit up when the next one comes along.  Memoir Mixtapes published Georgia to Oregon, this morning.

Writers were asked to draw on a non-fiction memoir relfective of America’s: A Horse with No Name: Read Story

And here are some photos from the Georgia to Oregon for a visual:

Cat travelling in car

Fluffy in the car

The Snake River

Bathing beauty

Old house in Georgia

New house in Oregon

Utah, me, Sam and mom

Stopping for gas

Why won’t any help me find a new name? (Fluffy’s cage behind me)

Dad pointing out antelope in Idaho

Brad after arriving in Oregon

In other news:

I’m plugging along with “the lady.”  I received some great advice via Zoom this morning.  This lady needs “background” work and I need to work on my “message.”

Thankfully, the honeycomb paper she’s on is very forgiving with charcoal.  But sometimes I can’t get it as dark as I’d like and I’m tempted to throw in some jet black PAINT.  Don’t give up on me, I’m hoping she exudes a “message” before too long.

I hope everyone is doing well with your hobbies and loves.  I would love to get together with and or hear from all my friends.  These are lonely isolating times.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley