Reliable Spiritual Foundation

Hi Friends,

I hope you all spiritually survived November 26, 2020 and that you continue to survive from here until eternity.  With so much discouraging news, having a reliable [spiritual] foundation soothes the soul and aids survival.  I often wonder what/who people turn to when their world wobbles (yoga? Buddha? alcohol?).  Everyone’s world teeters from time to time, especially during holidays, right?

In our house, we’re fortunate to have a church that grounds us in biblical truths and provides us with a community of fellowship rooted in Love.  The principles are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Our church also has an organization that helps others who don’t have the resources next door like we do.

Leading the way is an outreach (a huge outreach) of our church.  Originally, Leading the Way was a small local radio ministry that began in 1988.  Today, it is a global outreach ministry that reaches millions in areas of the world that would otherwise be forbidden or unable to hear about Christianity.  

Last week, I had the pleasure of touring Leading the Way’s global headquarters in Atlanta.  Visiting the precise location of where my family’s reliable [spiritual] foundation lives and launches to millions, reminded me of how lucky we are.  Having a resource like Leading the Way to support and stand behind is an honor.  Helping others find their reliable spiritual foundation is nothing short of humbling…and I might add fun.

My friend at Leading the Way, Kira Hullinger, lead my tour.  We got a kick out of being in the studio as psuedo message-carriers.  I felt like a newscaster and enjoyed the experience of studio-light magic.  Of course I’m utterly unqualified for such a thing, but I’m thankful to the studio operators and of course Kira for playing along. 

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley