Save the Date & VLOG Away

There was barely a moment during Christmas that Triangle Park didn’t anticipate our Save-the-Date “folding party.” On December 30, we packed up supplies and headed to the women’s lounge at Ansley Golf Club to execute the wedding chore at hand: fold, seal, and stamp Save the Dates. A change of scenery was heavenly after labor intense days in my cozy, urban Atlanta cottage.

Wedding planning is serious stuff. Or maybe I’m taking it seriously because it’s my first shot? Whatever the reason, the Jeff Sweeney family has spent no-joke time on marriage minutiae. Save the Date card folding was no different. Three of us set up shop at Ansley like we were skilled assembly pros. Bam, finished! Then, we soldiered to the next pressing task:

***Complete online hair/makeup contract with Area 4 Salon***

This wedding planning stuff has been in motion for about five months. No “T” has gone uncrossed nor “I “un-dotted. To avoid mundaneness, TP agreed to VLOG about “folding” day to have a little fun. In other words, ants were scurrying and biting all up in our pants – we needed diversion!

We set up a small ring light with a cell camera in the Sweeney living room. There was no planning or prep. Savanna took to the spotlight right off the bat! She spoke about her celebrity make-up artist, “Stephen!”   (Shhh, we can’t give Stephen’s full name until he gives permission. He used to do Kim Kardashian’s make up and all…we wouldn’t want him to think we’re willy nilly throwing his name around.)  On June 29, 2019 Stephen will work magic on Savanna – never mind she’s young and beautiful and a swipe of mascara and dot of bb cream would suffice.

Diana, with her tech-savvy composure, was surprisingly mum. Off camera she’s the extrovert! But she did interject bits and pieces of how we coordinated the day. As luck would have it, I was furthest from the ring light, make-up-less, and wore day-old-air-dried-rain-sprinkled hair. Fifty-five+ must be closest to ring light!?

It wasn’t long before we got snippy with each other. Sav mentioned my pompom socks (which were OUT of view!), Dan threw in that they were HER socks, and I chimed that Sav picked at her food in the golf club restaurant with her index finger and thumb. Lets not get kicked out before June!

Clearly, a script monitor and direction would have kept the peace. Good aspects were over run by amateur, dreadful parts. In the end, we about lost it with each other. A huge, heroic bark out to our beloved Gus who took matters into his paws and bit his way in to save us from impending doom.

So, ya, Triangle Park is deep in wedding planning…serious wedding planning. But, we’re keeping it real by not taking ourselves too seriously — having fun and love, love, LOVING each other all the while.

We hope you’ll check our next VLOG attempt!

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley