Sea Island, etc.

Hi Friends,

How was your Easter? I hope it was full of life, promise, and goodies.

Jeff and I travelled for Easter this year. An opportunity to visit Sea Island arose and with it came a chance to see how it compares to Jekyll Island. Okay, I know my Georgia friends are laughing and rolling their eyes...umm, there’s no comparison between the two. But here goes a humble, half attempt, if you will.

Welcome to a photo journal of Sea Island/The Cloister.

Like Jekyll Island, the trees on Sea Island are storybook-esque. Branches bend in designs only nature can produce. They're more "groomed" than Jekyll, both spectacular. Beach beds are not found on JI, but are abundant on SI and the lobby of the Cloister is more majestic than the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. To each his own.

Who doesn’t like charming embellishments? Like fancy birds in fancy cages, fish in pretty ponds, chess games with playing pieces the size and weight of three-year-olds, or 2004 G8 summit flags flying out your room window, and complementary slippers (always a fave):

The interior of The Cloister is spectacular, the staff equally so and the food is beautiful and delicious:

Not a pano view and of course doesn't include the bedroom size bathroom and dressing room.
Inside this gem was as ecclectic as the exterior
Most buffets aren't my first choice but The Cloister's is exceptional (stoneground oatmeal + cranberries + pecans(!), moist scrambled eggs, fresh OJ, perfected potatoes, chia seeds mixed with coconut cream (!), toast-your-own toast...healthy stuff. Note: "wormwood beams, not sure what that means exactly though.

I'm not a people watcher and was surprised to find myself enjoying "people watching"...a lot! It was Easter and everyone was dressed up throughout the weekend. Children were in precious, fine clothing...the finest...there was no mistaking the quality. Bright, crisp colors, men in sport coats, designer shoes, done-up hair and bright hair bows were everywhere. I miss when dressing up for most occasions was envogue. But my all time favorite thing to do on the Georgia coast is catch a sunrise. We watched a beautiful one on our first morning:

Ahhh...and then there was golf! Indeed there was:

So, I'm not a golfer but I've been on a lot of courses. Sea Island's course is one of the prettiest I've seen. And the pub offers a banana cake concoction that is a hole in to speak.

Miscellaneous this and that was explored. We road bikes on Sea Island, but rather than riding the perimeter of the entire island, like on Jekyll, we road in a straight, zipper fashion up and down the island, with small side jaunts. Kite flying, walking St. Simons pier, a visit to Jekyll and presto, we did all we could do in four days, ending with an unforgettable Easter service at The Cloister:

Having grown up in Oregon, it took me a while to fall in love and appreciate the Georgia coast. But once acclimated, I was head over heels in love with all that it offers.

So, which do I prefer? Answer: 50-50. I love them both for significant reasons.

My very, very favorite things to do on the Georgia coast are: Catch a sunrise and bike ride. Jekyll Island wins both of these categories, IMHO:

One of many stunning surises (JI)
Eleven miles of spectacular bike trails on JI

Virtually every other category goes to Sea Island and The Cloister.

What a blessing to attend this service and hear an impeccable message.

Thank you for reading everyone!

Love, Shelley

St. Simons Pier