Shelley’s Bucket List

Sooner or later we all kick the bucket.

What’s on Your Bucket List?

          I’m grateful for many superb things I’ve done in my life.  However, a few things remain that I look forward to:

·        Visit Jerusalem

·        Visit Cairo

·        Visit Mt. Rushmore

·        Be a Gramma, Grami, Grandmother, Granny, Granna, Nana, whatever you call her (I like Grami), and

·        Get a legit NUMBER for the Peachtree Road Race

Jerusalem – the world’s pulsation epicenter!  Experiencing Israel before checking out of life is a dream.  Apparently, Jerusalem’s vitality is inexplicable considering the circumstances.  Walking where Jesus walked sounds surreal. I’m in!

Cairo – Jeff and I both want to experience the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt.  The ancient engineering marvels that they are intrigues us immensely.  Granted, riding camels is not my favorite thing to do (been there done that), but who wants to catch a cab to the pyramids ?

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota – My grandfather was from South Dakota but that doesn’t mean I know anything about it.  I don’t.  I have no idea where to fly into or what to do there, other than check out the infamous mountain carving.  U.S.A. monuments rock!

Be a Grami – Never in my wildest mind did I think grandparenthood would arrive this quickly.  My first born Tri-angle counterpart Savanna, is engaged to be married.  As a little girl, I dreamed of having little girls. I would have kept Savanna two-years-old forever if I could have.  Yes, TWO!  Savanna was a dream come true, idyllic little girl.  I look forward to her precious sons or daughters too.

A NUMBER for the Peachtree Road Race – Back in the day, watching the PRR from my balcony was fabulous fun.  Our current home is walking distance to Peachtree on the beltline.  We also have a condo on Peachtree; Savanna and Joey catch the excitement from it.  So, why is it so hard to get a number?  Thank you in advance for PRR “number” advice!?

We welcome blog guests to share their bucket lists!

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley

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