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Diane, my 88-year-old mother, doesn’t use the Internet or a cell phone and though she participated in a Snapchat video last December (below), she basically has no idea what Snapchat is. Spending time with Mom is never interrupted by glances, taps, or scrolls on a laptop, cell, or whatever. — You know, when you’re talking to someone on the phone, and you can just tell they’re reading a text or something? Does it irritate you? Speaking on the phone or in person with Mom is “old-fashion,” undivided-attention time.

But, this isn’t about Diane

It’s about lost time with Savanna and Diana



Snapchat snatches time otherwise spent with my girls. About a year ago, I realized there was virtually no way I could beat Snapchat for their attention. I tried valiantly: No phones in the house, no phones when we’re in the car, give me that phone, what are you looking at, who is that, what’s so funny, put that phone down.

Then…I surrendered, and Savanna enrolled me in Snapchat.

It took my weary-of-social-media brain longer than it should have to figure Snapchat videos out. But once I did, one thing was for sure: Sav and Dan would be my only Snap[ees]! There’s an embarrassment factor if you don’t know the person receiving them…reeeally well.

Outlandish videos and pics are the only features I use Snapchat for. When I’m bored and haven’t heard from the girls, I might check in with a ludicrous, shout-out Snap. The more serious the recording attempt, the louder we laugh.

         If you can’t beat it, join it. My first choice would be to have more “old fashion,” time with my babies. Since that’s not working out, I snatch back lost-to-social-media time by joining them with silly Snaps.



Savanna and Diana’s blogs below:

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