Sweat Cycle - ATL

Hi Everyone,

ARE. YOU. READY. TO. SWEAT-CYCLE. AT. LENOX. SQUARE. IN. ATL??? I said I was going to do it and I did.

A couple weeks ago the girls and I blogged about the new Sweat Cycle located at Lenox Square Mall. When those blogs were shared I had yet to attend a class. Well, I attended one today and, praise the Lord, I did not die. But, lemme tell ya, coming from someone who has exercised a lot over 40-years, my experience at Sweat Cycle was whole new [workout] ball game...as in: I may have lost my mind. For real.

What is Sweat Cycle? Sweat Cycle is a spin class in an 85-degree room with loud music and a lot of rock-hard, in-shape young people. A lot! The guy in front of me looked like Mike Tyson and I'm not kidding. And the girl to his right and front had stamina like Serena Williams. Can you guess who out rode who? Both Serena's killed it. Mike and I retreated to our saddles often, of course me the most. One time he turned around and smiled at me and I gave him the thumbs up. It's impossible to communicate in the room because of the loud music. Plus, I had earplugs in and would have had to high-pitch scream, terrifying all the young people.

"Jasmine" was the instructor and she was as nice and understanding as she could be (thank you, Jasmine)! Not being familiar with the instructions and routine. I was taken aback when they began: "Ass up, ass back, ass down, let that stress and shit go," Oh lawd, I'm too old for this. But, as soon as I got the rhythm and when sweat started pouring off me (not dripping, there was no dripping), endorphins jolted in and I was off on the ride of my life.

I always take water with me to exercise, never gatorade. This time I took both because I knew there was a good chance I could die. Take both if you go, for sure! And drink tons of water prior to getting there. Remember to breath in your nose and out your mouth and don't try to keep up with others in the room, especially Mike Tyson or Serena Williams. You could be plenty hydrated and die any way, if you try to race them or anything foolish like that.

Sweat Cycle is in the back of The Forum Athletic Club at Lenox. If you've been going to Lenox Square as long as I have (40 years), you may recall FAO Schwartz having an outside entrance near the back parking lot? The Forum is located where the big, talking tree surrounded by stuffed animals used to be. Oh my, the landscape back there has changed a lot. Even if you don't want to sweat at Sweat Cycle, maybe just take a peak inside the gym. There's a lot going on in there...like Mike Tyson and Serena Williams, figuratiely speaking of course.

The whole staff at Sweat Cycle was super nice and the experience was everything I hoped it would be. I would and will be back for more crazy, 85-degree, black-light, cranked-music, sweat-spinning.

Thanks for reading about Sweat Cycle!

Love, Shelley

Diana met me after class XO

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