Thanksgiving 2020

Hi Friends,

I hope you are doing amazingly well amid the wild world we call home lately.  Are you excited for Thanksgiving 2020?  Is your Thanksgiving going to be different than previous years due to plague-2020?  Thanksgiving 2020 prep in our house is underway, at least mentally.  We are tossing around options.

Growing up in Oregon, November weather was cool, damp and cloudy with big, bright leaves everywhere.  Being inside while a hot, appetizing meal was brewing appealed to all.  The smell of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (pardon the cliche), bubbling in juicy fat was and still is my favorite part of Thanksgiving.  This may be the first year we don’t wrangle a heavy, slippery, cold turkey into a plastic bag since first doing so 30 years ago.

Has traditional Thanksgiving — turkey, stuffing, squash casserole, sweet potato/pumpkin pie, green beans, mac and cheese (if in the south), etc. waned in your house over the past ten or so years? I’ve tried to preserve traditional aspects of Thanksgiving but this year may be different and it really has nothing to do with plague-2020.  It has more do with reflecting on complaints over recent years: 

  1. “I don’t like turkey”

  2. “Can we have sushi on Thanksgiving?”

  3. “Gravy is disgusting”

  4. “If Thanksgiving food is so good why do we only cook it 1x a year?”

  5. “Who wants to be told what to cook on a particular day?”

There’s no denying Thanksgiving menu opposition exists for a lot of people, not just the Sweeneys.  But, it’s turkey day tradition and it makes me sad to think about not eating turkey (I do like it) on Thanksgiving.  My personal pet peeve is not with Thanksgiving’s menu.  My qualm is with the labor intense kitchen duty from, say, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

So as of today, our plan is…drum roll…cater Thanksgiving dinner for the first time with Fox Bros.!  Check their menu out here FoxBros .  Thanksgiving will basically be a mirror-menu image of previous years.  But our experience using Fox Bros in the past makes us certain that everything (especially a smoked turkey!) will taste delicious and more.  Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme wafting through the house all day will be missed but when the turkey arrives, presto, turkey aroma.  “Arrives” versus “it’s ready” may not smell heavenly, but to this cook the sound of those words more than pleases.

Happy planning and thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley