The Most Wonderful Time(s)

It’s here: The most wonderful time of the year!

Do you agree with that? I do, at least to some extent — the giving part in particular. Here’s my motto: whatever “it” may be, “it” isn’t yours until you give “it” away. Yes, it truly is better to give than receive. We reap what we sow, right?

Other wonderful aspects of Christmas time: gathering family, attending 12.24 candlelight service, eating, drinking, keeping warm in spirit, joining together gaily.

I must add, of particular importance [IMHO] during December, is acknowledging the birthday bash at hand. Save for the holy baby — whom we’re all eternally indebted to — there would be no Christmas. Who wants to be left out of eternity? Not me! It’s so bloody (no pun intended) easy not to be.

On a different note, my family is immensely blessed and excited to have my 88-year-old mother (Gam) join us this Christmas (she turns “89” December 27th). Do you have an elderly mother, father, aunt, uncle, or other close by? Unique, right?

I’m the older angle of Triangle Park…cheers…or not! Maybe every generation feels this way, but I could have sworn I’d stay in the 20s, 30s, or even 40s forever; but 50s, almost 60s?? Who knew.

My counter parts are daughters who are…umm…are much younger. As I acquire birthdays (56), I become more and more fascinated and intrigued by elderly people.  Savanna, Diana, and I are trying to pin down a common ground of blog-togetherness.  It aint easy.  Please pray as we sort out our continuity cohesiveness.

So, ya, Christmas time in Triangle Park’s realm is about giving and loving, especially to and on beloved elderly whose priceless, precious time is particularly prized.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

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