Do these acronyms look familiar to you: TLC, CBD, THC, and BFD? Until last week, all but one was embedded in my vernacular. Now I’ve got all four tucked away.

Here’s an abbreviation refresher:

TLC: Tender Loving Care

CBD: Cannabiodiol

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol

BFD: Big Flipping Deal

Backstory: Savanna and I finalized her wedding invitations last week at Paper Source in Shops Around Lenox. Before arriving to our appointment we popped in Roots Juices, next-door.   roots-juices

A nice young man working there sold us two CBD shots. You probably know what CBD is, especially if you’re a millennial – Savanna knew.  I had no idea what CBD was. Call me out of touch I won’t disagree.

But here’s the thing, I shudder to share my once-upon-a-time familiarity with THC. I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon during the ‘70s…[gasp], cough, cough…end of story.

Savanna and I snatched two shots from the cooler. Mine disappeared with extraordinary hustle. Almost immediately I experienced light-headedness, a buzzy-fog, a calming aura, a whooooa-wait-a-minute moment. And then it was gone but the relaxation continued.

Marijuana is not legal in Georgia for recreational purposes and I’m happy about that fact. I’m not sure about medical use laws in GA, but I would advocate for legalizing clinical use of it.

Today in Oregon, the THC sort of marijuana is perfectly legal to buy, sell, grow, whatever. It hardly seems like a big deal, because doing all the above certainly appeared legal back in the day.

It wasn’t? Really?

Is THC creeping its legal way into Georgia and all states by way of CBD?  IMHO, I think it is and it makes me sad. I don’t think marijuana should be legal for recreational purposes anywhere in the US. My experience tells me THC is a mind-altering [addicting] drug.

Triangle Park’s rock is TLC by way of GOD’s promise of Grace (tender loving care) as it is written in The Book. But, how can we bottle and market this lovely and amazing [spiritual] remedy? That’s the billion-dollar question!

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Contact us through our website.

Thank you for reading Triangle Park ATL!


Love, Shelley

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