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  • Mom, Diane, Gam

    Hi Everyone, I can’t believe this photo was taken just over a month ago. Triangle Park had our dear Gam out on the town enjoying fine Italian cuisine at Carbonar Tratorria. Our queen is not doing well. Shortly after this dinner, mom struggled to fight an infection that had been brewing and thriving, unbeknownst to her. The infection and subsequent weakening of her body contributed to three falls which resulted in more complications that subsequently cascaded into reasons why she remains in the hospital today*. Savanna and Diana have been blessed to grow up by their beloved grandmother. Gam helped raise them. She’s always been an important part of their lives, providing companionship, humor, and stories of her past. Years ago, Savanna wrote a book, My Gramma, for a challenge class. Savanna interviewed Gam with specific categories: Childhood - “Diane Corkill was born on December 27, 1929, in Holland, Michigan. Her father, Donald Dickinson, was born in Fennville, Michigan. Her mother, Thelma Cullum, was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Gramma’s parents raised two boys and one girl in Fennville, Michigan. Gramma was named after Diane from the movie 7th Heaven.” Toys and games - “One of her favorites was her baby doll. It wore a pink dress and white booties. Another one of her toys was her roller skates. She loved to roller skate on the sidewalk. Gramma and her friends would always play a game called bounce out. They would play it with a small rubber ball.” Food and Meal Time - “Gramma always had a large group of people come to her house for dinner. They would eat different kinds of casseroles and vegetables. She would drink milk with her meals. Gramma loved to make cakes from scratch. Her favorite was white cake with coconut frosting. She also made delicious fudge. Sometimes she would make it into hearts.” Greatest Accomplishment & Treasured Memory - “Gramma’s greatest accomplishment was raising three children: Brad, Lesley and Shelley. Her most treasured memory was having her children. The dates of her children’s births were June 7, 1951, September 3, 1954 and March 14, 1962, which is my mom’s birthday. Gramma loves her children very much.” There’s more: Mom and Dad Taught Me School Experiences - Chores and Home Remedies Entertainment and Dating - “My Gramma loved to read magazines. Her favorite was Life Magazine. She also loved to listen to the radio. Every Friday night and Sunday afternoon Gramma and her friends went to the ten-cent movie theatre. On dates, she would go to school dances. She would wear a skirt and a sweater to the dances. To school, she would wear dresses, skirts and sweaters.” Holidays and Vacations Marriage - Greatest Influence Humorous Incident Old Fashion Things She Still Likes I don't want your attention span to wane so I left out some descriptions. But if you're a big Queen Diane fan (she has a lot), shoutout and I'll fill you in on the deets. Praying we have more memories to add to the many good times over the past 20+ years of her living in the ATL. Thank you to those who have enjoyed reading about our queen in this blog. Diane loves people and has always loved entertaining. Thank you for reading! Love, Shelley Our earthly bodies become weary as we age, and you may also notice aches or pains. Take comfort in knowing the Lord shall renew your strength, according to Isaiah 40:31. "Then they'll soar on wings like eagles; they'll run and not grow weary; they'll walk and not grow tired *She was discharged from the hospital and is resting comfortably at the Bremen Jewish Home.

  • Mane Event - RCR Equine Rescue/Sanctuary

    Hi Friends, Remember this pitiful guy, Finn: Finn was nursed back to health with love, compassion and medical care at Red Clay Ranch Equine Rescue and Sanctuary. He is now living his best life with his girlfriend, Meg: Maybe you remember the Mane Event in a blog a while back? The Mane Event is Red Clay Ranch’s primary fundraiser. If it wasn't for fellow horse lovers and those who appreciate what horses do on so many levels thousands of horses with a lot left to give humans would be disregarded, left for dead. The Mane Event 2022 took place last Friday, September 9 at Cherokee Town and Country Club. This year was extra special for Jeff and me because we had two tables which allowed us to invite friends. Like any event-planning we were hopeful and [a little anxious] for our invitees to be enthusiastic for the cause that we hold near and dear: saving horses. We also just wanted to see our long-time friends and introduce them to horse rescue -- while enjoying a swanky venue with yummy food and drink: Cherokee Town Club. The author of Joey, Jennifer Marshall Bleakley, was the guest speaker. Ms. Bleakley spoke of success stories about rescue horses helping children and adults with disabilities. The amount of disabilities that horses help with is mind-boggling: autism, substance abuse, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, amputation, developmental disorders, spinal cord injury, brain trauma and injury, visual and hearing impairment, emotional and learning disorders, anxiety…the list is vast. And all of that is before getting to how they help with muscle and physical therapy issues: balance, posture, motor coordination, self-confidence, self-esteem. And above all: unconditional LOVE! One of Ms. Bleakley’s stories was about a young Afghanistani girl who escaped human trafficking. While visiting a seemingly average, normal horse, the young girl said, “that horse is very tired.” Not long after, the horse laid down for no apparent reason and the girl laid down beside him. Spiritually connecting with a horse is profound and oftentimes inexplicable. This year, Red Clay Ranch had a large tractor on their wish list: KUBOTA MX5400DT #15: $50,000. More than enough was donated for one of these bad boys. Once the big tractor was secured the live auction took off with a bang. Three of the top items were: A week in beautiful Tuscany, Italy $3,000 Ascot Diamonds Gift Certificate Dinner for 12 - Proof of the Pudding FOUR trips to Tuscany were from our tables alone! Thank you! One of my friends is on her way to Ascot Diamonds, jealous, thank you! And Jeff and I will host 12 at Proof of the Pudding. And those were just the top items. Paddles were going up all over the place. The room pulsed with participation. We are so very humbled and thankful for all of our friends who came out to support Red Clay Ranch! There really aren’t words for how honored Jeff and I were to sit with you and how grateful we were/are for your generosity. The goal for the event was $150,000. That goal was “far exceeded.” Thank you! The horses thank you, most! --And thank you for reading!-- Love, Shelley More about Red Clay Ranch:


    How was your Labor Day everyone? Catch any baseball? Who’s your favorite team? Fave players? GO BRAVES! Jeff and I have been Braves fans for years. Enthusiasm ramped up when they won the World Series in 1995 (Savanna was four years old): In 2021, when covid was peaking, the Braves added another world series to their record. The win put a major damper on covid blues. Check out Jorge Soler hit a homer way, way out of the park during that game: If you watched the 2021 World Series you no doubt remember Soler's sky-rocketing home run. The link above is worth a watch even if you're not a baseball fan. Jeff and I received unexpected Truist Club tickets to the Braves vs. Marlins game over labor day weekend, September 2. Jeff and I don’t miss a Braves game on tv. When we found ourselves with last-minute second-row seats right behind home plate and access to the Truist Club, we were high as the sky. Food, drinks, lounging and private access to extra-comfy, large seats directly behind the batters was every sports fan’s dream. Even better, we had FOUR tickets. Savanna and Joey joined us! The Braves have won 86 games this season (losses = 51). They’re in second place in the National League east division, behind the New York Mets by ½ a game. My favorite player (at the moment) is Austin Riley. I snapped these pics of Austin preparing to bat -- couldn’t believe it was moments before he hit a homer. The Braves beat the Miami Marlins 8 - 1! The only downside to all the awesomeness of that particular game is that future games are likely to not measure up. Albet, wins are wins! Thank you for Reading! Love, Shelley Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over ~ Luke 6:38

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    Welcome to Triangle Park ATL ​ About Triangle Park gets its name from a small ▲park that sits at the end of McKinley Road in Atlanta, Georgia where I (we) raised two daughters (Savanna and Diana). Though the park is small it is home to an oak tree, swing, bench, library book stand, and charming homes surrounding it on all three sides. Triangle Park provided entertainment for neighborhood children before larger ones came about. I pay homage to ▲park by naming this webhome after it: www. Triangle Park "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickley broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12 I'm an empty-nester mom staying digitally and diligently connected to my girls and you through art, photography and blogging. The best part of having an online home is you, the readers. Thank you for visiting! Shelley

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