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  • Travel Imperatives, Cosmetics

    Is it not true that we all have products in our bathroom we can’t live or travel without? Those tried and true personal-care items that, if left behind, must be found upon arrival...or we die. In other words, (y)our indespensible, ego shields. Since I haven’t been on note-worthy trips lately and don’t have exuberant photos from recent gatherings, this is a travel-imperative [cosmetic] reveal blog. Travel Imperatives, Cosmetics Seven Cosmetics I Can’t Travel/Live Without: Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser ($13.56 Amazon) - Rule No. 1: Never end the day without a freshly cleansed face. Cerave is gentle and void of irritants. Hotels have items to wash with but...gasp...that's just scary. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 50+ ($13.59 Target) Sometimes there are things that are so important they're also Rule No. 1: Use a safe, gentle, effective sunscreen. A dermatologist recommended Cetaphil ten years and I've used it ever since. Truth be told, your local drugstore has blue-ribbon facial moisturizers with ample sunscreen, such as Cetaphil. Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion ($28 Aveda) I have used Aveda Hydrating Lotion for over 15 years. It has never clogged my pores or irritated. However, at 59 years old I find it's not enough during winter months. Nevertheless, Aveda lotion makes it in my suitcase regardless of season. Travel Imperatives, Cosmetics Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil (Nordstrom $34) Who can deny that stepping out of the house before filling in scattered brows is a major no-no? Admittedly, I have apx. four different brands of brow pencil in my arsenol but this is my fave that gets packed and replaced without fail. Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara ($7.49 Rite Aid) - Mascara takes precedence over shadow and liner IMHO. I like one that removes easily as this one does. Travel Imperatives, Cosmetics Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover ($17 Mary Kay Consultant) You can get this AMAZING eye make up remover in travel sizes too. Everyone I know who uses it agrees that it is "the best!" Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation SPF 30 ($27.20 Macy’s) Lightweight both on the skin and in a suitcase, this stick renders me relatively speechless. Not only might I die if this is left at home, I might also expire if Shiseido stops making it. Travel Imperatives, Cosmetics Honorable Mention (I can live without these but there’s no need to): Pacifica Coconut-Infused Mineral Eyeshadow ($17.99 Target) This eyeshadow palette is very blendable (important for aging skin...[phish] like mine). Pacifica's packaging is no-frills and light-weight making it an easy "throw in" decision if there's extra room. E.L.F. Shadow Lock Eyeshadow Primer ($3 Walgreens - that is not a typo!) On ocassion I want eyeshadow to last longer than a few hours while not having to freshen it. This $3 gem does the trick perfectly. There isn't a lot in the tube which is nice for infrequent users such as I. The above are indeed my indespensible ego shields, if you will. I have other things that don't qualify as travel "imperatives" in my drawers, but I aim to keep cosmetic inventory at a minimum which. Who can deny temptation and disappointment of beauty products and advertising that most of us ladies succomb to? As the saying goes, you live and learn. Skincare products can’t quite compete with travel, terrific times with friends and family or fancy hobbies (see previous posts) but when you find products that do what they say they will do...the race tightens, for sure. I would love to know a few of your favorite “can’t live without” cosmetics. Please do share! Thank you for stopping by! Travel Imperatives, Cosmetics Love, Shelley One More Thing I can't Live Without: Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen - Hebrews 11:1

  • Speeding (Legally) Can Be Addictive

    Welcome our guest blogger this week, Jeff Sweeney! I have always been interested in cars. When I was young, my birthday and Christmas gifts of choice almost always included things car-related, from Hot Wheels toys, to slot-car sets, to plastic models of various muscle cars and racers. As I grew older, those toys became real cars and I have been blessed to own some fun ones. My first car was a Firebird, and along the way I have parked various Infinitis, BMWs, a Jag, and a couple of Porsches in our carport. It probably goes without saying, but I also have a fascination with speed. I love roller coasters and go-karting, and even got to do a little Auto-crossing (racing around cones in a parking lot) in my first BMW. I am looking to add some hobbies to my routine as I start stepping away from my daily work responsibilities (I won't call that retirement, because honestly I am not sure what that will look like), and owning a dedicated track-toy to take out a couple of times a month sounds very appealing. I always thought I would enjoy time on a racetrack, and just recently was able to test that hypothesis. A few of my work colleagues and customers told me a couple of months ago that they signed up for a track night at a private circuit called Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) in Dawsonville, GA. No need to ask twice. I signed up for the event, secured track-day insurance (thank you for my 911 Carrera S, and made arrangements to buy the requisite safety gear. On the day of the event, it was time to check the tightness of all the lug nuts on my wheels, adjust tire pressure to optimal numbers for the track, and head to Dawsonville. I arrived an hour early to pick up the racing helmet I ordered from Discovery Parts (a great resource for both novice and experienced drivers alike) and to get a lay of the land at AMP. As a novice driver, attendance at a drivers’ orientation meeting was mandatory—and we learned about the rules of the road for the track: when and when not to pass, what the various flags meant, and most of all to enjoy a safe but fun evening with our fellow drivers on the track. Just after the drivers’ meeting, we were then in our cars, helmets on, and taken out on the course behind a pace car for a few laps to get to know the track. After getting that paced taste of the track, it was a long 40 minutes to wait while the experts and intermediate drivers each held their 20-minute live track sessions. While I was anxious to get on the track myself, I did enjoy watching the more experienced petrol-heads tear up the track. I tried to observe the lines they took through the turns and when they braked into and how they accelerated out of the corners. At last, it was 5 PM and time for our first 20-minute hot-lap session. As we left the pits and entered the track, adrenaline surged as fast as gas and air exploded in the cylinders and the turbo-chargers spun up. After a lap or two, I ended up behind some slower cars/drivers and excitement turned to frustration. Fortunately, the drivers heeded the advice they learned in the mandatory meeting and one by one they pointed me by for a pass. After clearing the slower cars, I really got to open my car up for the rest of the session and to explore the capabilities of the 911. In a word: phenomenal. I have always had a sincere respect for German Engineering, but the engine, suspension, and the dual-clutch transmission were so at home on the track that I am in awe of the designers of this machine. The evening, and the next two 20-minute sessions were all a blur from there---literally on the track as I hit speeds north of 115 mph on the straights and figuratively as banter with the other drivers and anticipation filled the downtime. The only glitch all evening, a rookie mistake, is that I had showed up to the track with half a tank of gas which was gone by the end of the 2nd session. Driving fast makes the car gulp fuel. After a quick stop at the track’s pump, where understandably the cost of 93 Octane is double what one would pay at the neighborhood station, all was well. I learned three important things from my first track night: show up with a full tank, drive safely but aggressively on the correct line to have the most fun, and I will be back for more of this. I have been bitten by the track bug and look forward to more (legal) speeding in my future!

  • Falmouth, Jamaica Couture

    Joe and I spent the past week in Falmouth, Jamaica, about 30 minutes outside of Montego Bay. This was our favorite trip to date! To read my thoughts on the hotel, Excellence Oyster Bay, see my TripAdvisor review below. And feel free to reach out with any questions. This blog is less about the resort, and more about vacation fashion. After struggling to find outfits for a few weeks, my mom was gracious to purchase a few items for me while out at dinner one night. I tried them on the next day and they were all absolute hits! I was so thankful. Here's a little virtual fashion show of the outfits she styled for me: Hot pink midi dress Comfortable thick fabric made this a great option for enjoying pounds of pasta. Here we are pictured in the Excellence Club bar area. Contrasting mini romper Received lots of compliments on this unique dinner look. Here we are pictured before hibachi while enjoying views of Oyster Bay. Open back floral dress Love the party in the back. The sleeves were nice for chilly walks back to our room. Another pictured at, you guessed it, the Excellence Club! My Trip Advisor Review My husband and I had a wonderful 5-night stay at EOB beginning May 28th, just 8 days after their reopening. This was our first all-inclusive experience. The resort: One the of the prettiest and well-laid out resorts I have ever seen! The lobby is gorgeous, the restaurants are gorgeous (I particularly liked the fancy cafeteria vibe of The Kitchen Table), the pools were awesome (we spent a lot of time at the rooftop infinity pool, sometimes completely by ourselves), the rooms were clean and inviting (however not family friendly), and the beach is UNREAL. 10/10 to the resort itself. The food: My review is actually closer to a 4.9 because of the food. Our first day and a half of meals were disappointing. I described them as "Trader Joe's frozen meals." The breaking point was when we ordered a room service pepperoni pizza that arrived with practically raw dough and huge slabs of bologna. I decided to reach out to management and voice my concern, since we didn't want to suffer through meals the rest of our trip. From the point of complaining through the rest of our trip I can confidentially say that we liked and even enjoyed the rest of our meals! We learned how to order, to sample multiple things and we also discovered that The Kitchen Table is the best breakfast on property. (The Magna breakfast is horrible as a side note). Shoutout to the juice selection at TKT. Unreal and a highlight of my trip! The drinks: Bartenders and drink selection = A+. The Spa: A+! We loved our hydrotherapy session. Excellence Club: Not worth it from a food perspective. We actually thought the food was worse at Magna than other restaurants. However, the bar area and patio are truly beautiful for evening drinks. For that alone, I recommend upgrading. The service: Top touch. Everyone wanted to help and we rarely had to seek out service. Activities: We enjoyed water sports almost every morning and did not have to wait long. We also took advantage of beach yoga which was relaxing and challenging at the same time. The shows at night were fun and better than I expected. When all is said and done, this was my favorite vacation of my life thus far. So relaxing and so beautiful. We will be back! -- Savanna

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    Welcome to Triangle Park ATL ​ About Triangle Park gets its name from a small ▲park that sits at the end of McKinley Road in Atlanta, where I/we raised two daughters (Savanna and Diana). Though the park is very small it is home to a giant oak tree, a swing, bench, library book stand, and charming homes surrounding it on all three sides. The small park provided much entertainment over many years for children in the neighborhood. I pay homage to ▲park by naming this webhome after it: www. Triangle Park ​ "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickley broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12 ​ I am an empty-nester mom staying digitally connected to my girls and others through art, photography and blogging. I built this webhome as an alternative to depending on other platforms. The best part of having an online home is you, the readers. Thank you for visiting! ​ Shelley ​ ​ ​

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