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  • Sea Island, etc.

    Hi Friends, How was your Easter? I hope it was full of life, promise, and goodies. Jeff and I travelled for Easter this year. An opportunity to visit Sea Island arose and with it came a chance to see how it compares to Jekyll Island. Okay, I know my Georgia friends are laughing and rolling their eyes...umm, there’s no comparison between the two. But here goes a humble, half attempt, if you will. Welcome to a photo journal of Sea Island/The Cloister. Like Jekyll Island, the trees on Sea Island are storybook-esque. Branches bend in designs only nature can produce. They're more "groomed" than Jekyll, both spectacular. Beach beds are not found on JI, but are abundant on SI and the lobby of the Cloister is more majestic than the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. To each his own. Who doesn’t like charming embellishments? Like fancy birds in fancy cages, fish in pretty ponds, chess games with playing pieces the size and weight of three-year-olds, or 2004 G8 summit flags flying out your room window, and complementary slippers (always a fave): The interior of The Cloister is spectacular, the staff equally so and the food is beautiful and delicious: I'm not a people watcher and was surprised to find myself enjoying "people watching"...a lot! It was Easter and everyone was dressed up throughout the weekend. Children were in precious, fine clothing...the finest...there was no mistaking the quality. Bright, crisp colors, men in sport coats, designer shoes, done-up hair and bright hair bows were everywhere. I miss when dressing up for most occasions was envogue. But my all time favorite thing to do on the Georgia coast is catch a sunrise. We watched a beautiful one on our first morning: Ahhh...and then there was golf! Indeed there was: So, I'm not a golfer but I've been on a lot of courses. Sea Island's course is one of the prettiest I've seen. And the pub offers a banana cake concoction that is a hole in to speak. Miscellaneous this and that was explored. We road bikes on Sea Island, but rather than riding the perimeter of the entire island, like on Jekyll, we road in a straight, zipper fashion up and down the island, with small side jaunts. Kite flying, walking St. Simons pier, a visit to Jekyll and presto, we did all we could do in four days, ending with an unforgettable Easter service at The Cloister: Having grown up in Oregon, it took me a while to fall in love and appreciate the Georgia coast. But once acclimated, I was head over heels in love with all that it offers. So, which do I prefer? Answer: 50-50. I love them both for significant reasons. My very, very favorite things to do on the Georgia coast are: Catch a sunrise and bike ride. Jekyll Island wins both of these categories, IMHO: Virtually every other category goes to Sea Island and The Cloister. Thank you for reading everyone! Love, Shelley

  • B&B or Hotel Loyalty?

    Hi Everyone, When you travel are you a bed and breakfast person or a hotel frequenter? If you’re like me, reward programs (Marriot, IHG, Hilton, etc.) keep you committed. Loyalty plans are clever because they keep [us] devoted for “free nights” and other perks. They also make some people (me) forget about the charming aspects of bed and breakfast options. Here's a great recommendation if you plan to visit Carlisle, Pennsylvania: The Smith Steiner Bed & Breakfast! This place is quaint, cozy, convenient and oh so delicious at breakfast time. Side story: Jeff and I didn’t do the undergrad, out-of-state college tour thing with our girls. The State of Georgia had plenty of options that suited us (and them) just fine. I get why our route may not suit others though. Differences are delightful! Grad school is panning out differently. Diana is in the midst of hearing back from law schools that she applied to last year. What’s different is, we are travelling to explore schools after acceptance, while undergrad tours [would have been] prior to the application process. Granted, fancy tours aren’t happening because of Covid, but we’re travelling to explore culture and surrounding environment, all the same. Last week Diana and I visited Penn State Dickinson Law school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We spent two nights at The Smith Steiner Bed & Breakfast which is located precisely across the street from PSDL. Strolling the university grounds was uncannily convenient. The inside of Steiner is meticulously and newly renovated. We slept in the smallest room (the Dickinson, my mother’s maiden name :-). There were two twin beds, two bathroom sinks and four windows spanning three sides. I love windows! The color scheme was blue, red and stars...utterly adorable. Becky, the hostess, is ever so welcoming, accommodating and above all a supreme cook that will have you reminiscing about breakfast. The artisan, perfectly toasted bread (who knew all toasters are not created equal) and stone ground oatmeal with chia seeds really got me going. There are several other healthy places to eat in Carlisle, like Grazery. And there is coffee to die for at Denim. Typically, I don’t choose B&Bs for reasons like...darn “points.” But after my and Diana’s stay at The Smith Steiner I realize "quaint and delicious" is being sacrificed, from time to time. Attributes of lodging aren’t necessarily pertinent to law or undergrad school choice, but they’ll come in handy if that is where one lands. Don’t forget about bed and breakfasts, especially The Smith Steiner! I promise you’ll be happy if you chose it over loyalty points, at least while in Carlisle, PA! Thank you for stopping by! Love, Shelley

  • Sweat Cycle - ATL

    Hi Everyone, ARE. YOU. READY. TO. SWEAT-CYCLE. AT. LENOX. SQUARE. IN. ATL??? I said I was going to do it and I did. A couple weeks ago the girls and I blogged about the new Sweat Cycle located at Lenox Square Mall. When those blogs were shared I had yet to attend a class. Well, I attended one today and, praise the Lord, I did not die. But, lemme tell ya, coming from someone who has exercised a lot over 40-years, my experience at Sweat Cycle was whole new [workout] ball in: I may have lost my mind. For real. What is Sweat Cycle? Sweat Cycle is a spin class in an 85-degree room with loud music and a lot of rock-hard, in-shape young people. A lot! The guy in front of me looked like Mike Tyson and I'm not kidding. And the girl to his right and front had stamina like Serena Williams. Can you guess who out rode who? Both Serena's killed it. Mike and I retreated to our saddles often, of course me the most. One time he turned around and smiled at me and I gave him the thumbs up. It's impossible to communicate in the room because of the loud music. Plus, I had earplugs in and would have had to high-pitch scream, terrifying all the young people. "Jasmine" was the instructor and she was as nice and understanding as she could be (thank you, Jasmine)! Not being familiar with the instructions and routine. I was taken aback when they began: "Ass up, ass back, ass down, let that stress and shit go," Oh lawd, I'm too old for this. But, as soon as I got the rhythm and when sweat started pouring off me (not dripping, there was no dripping), endorphins jolted in and I was off on the ride of my life. I always take water with me to exercise, never gatorade. This time I took both because I knew there was a good chance I could die. Take both if you go, for sure! And drink tons of water prior to getting there. Remember to breath in your nose and out your mouth and don't try to keep up with others in the room, especially Mike Tyson or Serena Williams. You could be plenty hydrated and die any way, if you try to race them or anything foolish like that. Sweat Cycle is in the back of The Forum Athletic Club at Lenox. If you've been going to Lenox Square as long as I have (40 years), you may recall FAO Schwartz having an outside entrance near the back parking lot? The Forum is located where the big, talking tree surrounded by stuffed animals used to be. Oh my, the landscape back there has changed a lot. Even if you don't want to sweat at Sweat Cycle, maybe just take a peak inside the gym. There's a lot going on in Mike Tyson and Serena Williams, figuratiely speaking of course. The whole staff at Sweat Cycle was super nice and the experience was everything I hoped it would be. I would and will be back for more crazy, 85-degree, black-light, cranked-music, sweat-spinning. Thanks for reading about Sweat Cycle! Love, Shelley Savanna's Sweat Cycle Blog! Diana's Sweat Cycle Blog!

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    Welcome to Triangle Park ATL ​ About Triangle Park gets its name from a small ▲park that sits at the end of McKinley Road in Atlanta, where I/we raised two daughters (Savanna and Diana). Though the park is very small it is home to a giant oak tree, a swing, bench, library book stand, and charming homes surrounding it on all three sides. The small park provided much entertainment over many years for children in the neighborhood. I pay homage to ▲park by naming this webhome after it: www. Triangle Park ​ "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickley broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12 ​ I am an empty-nester mom staying digitally connected to my girls and others through art, photography and blogging. I built this webhome as an alternative to depending on other platforms. The best part of having an online home is you, the readers. Thank you for visiting! ​ Shelley ​ ​ ​

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