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  • Flying Monkeys

    Hi Friends, I’m curious, what comes to mind when you think of Flying Monkeys? The Wicked Witch of the West Gigantic swooping rats A nightmare in general All the above Have you ever heard of flying monkeys? Remember the wicked witch of the west’s winged monkeys (a/k/a flying monkeys) in the Wizard of Oz ? Those stinkers enabled the wicked witch by (among other things): Seizing territory for her Keeping the Wizard of Oz away from her castle Capturing Dorothy and attacking her friends Today, popular psychology describes a flying monkey as: An enabler of a highly narcissistic person or someone with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). In other words, a flying monkey is an agent who acts on behalf of someone on the extreme side of the narcissistic perspective. Every human being on earth has narcissism in them to some degree. says: "We all fall somewhere along the narcissism continuum. In fact, a certain amount of self-centeredness is healthy. Research shows that it contributes to confidence, resilience, and ambtion. However, any personality trait taken to an extreme can become pathological." There is such a thing as “healthy narcissism," which is the realm that most people fall under. Psychology Today sums healthy vs. unhealthy narcissism up with: "So, what it all boils down to is that unhealthy narcissism, whether on a personal or tribal level, involves a fundamentally disparaging—sometimes even scornful—orientation toward others. On the contrary, healthy narcissism stops well short of this interpersonal offensiveness, though even here the qualities exhibited aren’t particularly admirable." The far end of the spectrum is the side that enlists flying monkeys to do dirty work. Flying monkey leaders at the extreme end of NPD are die-hard, clinical narcissists. I call them supreME’s because they are supreme above everyone in their minds. But, supreMEs mustn’t do their own dirty work lest their fragile, insecure nature be exposed. Flying monkeys understand that their job is to do dirty deeds (gas lighting, deceiving, sneering, etc.) for supreME. Doing these deeds is crucial for them to please and stay on the good side of supreME. Eventually, though, flying monkeys hope to fill supreME’s lofty shoes as their own ruler-in-chief supreME. To be a flying monkey, you too, must lack empathy, fancy bullying, crave attention and seek to manipulate a core group of your own. But wait. What about the scapegoat(s)? The ones that provide energy and fuel to the triangulating group in the first place. The ones that deep down supreME and the flying monkeys ache to emulate and be themself. The ones that know and ultimately expose the dysfunctional dynamics. Like it or not, there are typically two or three people who know what supreME and his/her flying monkeys are doing: the scapegoats. The scapegoats are scapegoated for greed, jealousy and dreams of power that live inside supreME and their flying monkeys. The scapegoat(s) possess attributes that supreME desires, the motivation. One of the flying monkeys most crucial [unspoken] rules is to prevent the scapegoat from exposing supreME. Doing so gives flying monkeys a job for many years. They work diligently at preventing scapegoats from exposing supreME out of fear of ostracization from the group themselves. What they don’t realize is that the sooner they are ostracized, the sooner they can build their own manipulation empire of fear. Unfortunately, like rats living here and there unnoticed, flying monkeys are among us too. There is hope though. Stop feeding them. Clean out your closet. Close points of entry (fear, insecurity). Put your faith and trust where it matters. Where Truth and promise lies (God). Not deceit, fear and lies (NPD). Thank you for reading! Love, Shelley If you're asking yourself, "why is she writing about flying monkeys?" The topic seems to come up more and more frequently. That's all.

  • Mission Accomplished

    Hi Everyone, Mission accomplished. The estate sale is over. A lot sold and a lot didn’t sell. There are no words to describe how much stuff was in my parents house. In a single-word: titanic. Mom and Dad’s house had a titanic amount of stuff in it. Mom never threw anything away. The amount of stuff that had to get out by the closing date (which sprung up suddenly) was incomprehensible. I had three days to empty the home that held childhood memories and my parent’s possessions. Weeks before the estate sale, I’d moved a lot out of the house and into storage. I’d also disposed of riff raff, gave things away and of course the estate sale thinned the contents down. Yet, still, there was something in every room, closet, drawer, cubby, corner, crevice, you name it. A dent was in the mass…but only a dent. The hard/perplexing part was that the majority of what was left wasn’t junk. But because of the rushed timeframe it was destined to be treated as such, sadly. A charity was scheduled to come on Wednesday (the estate sale ended on Sunday). How lovely. All that is left will go to charity. It will all get a forever home. Not. I didn’t realize that everything had to be packed. Charity wouldn’t come in and “clear the contents out.” There was no way I could purchase packing supplies and pack the amount of stuff that was left in less than 48 hours. On Tuesday, because it was raining, I was able to get my yard man (Cornelio) to haul away as much as he could cram in his truck and trailer. Thank you, God, for making it rain Tuesday! And, thank you for Cornelio too. But even though Cornelio had a big truck with a big trailer attached, a lot of the things just wouldn’t fit. No way Jose. On Wednesday nothing happened. I had a blessed day off. On Thursday (inspection day!), Dirty Deeds Junk Removal showed up and hauled away two truck loads to the dump. They had to come back the next day because there was more that wouldn’t fit in the second load. Various other people stopped by to browse what remained and take what suited them, too. Mom’s beloved car was given away as well. Thursday was an especially sad day because what was being hauled away wasn’t “junk” (well, some was) but it was on its way to the dump, regardless. The walk-thru inspection was at 6 p.m. The stuff, junk, items, things, whatever you want to call them had to go…or risk buyer pushback. I asked the junk removal workers to please take home whatever they could or give things to someone that could use them. I also put as much of the dump bound things into the back of my car and took them to Good Will myself so that they wouldn’t meet a dump demise (lamps, pictures, kitchenware, tools, etc.). All of my dad’s mounted antlers and an antelope head sold in the estate sale. They were hot items. Many people admired Papa’s hunting trophies. Diana gave a huge mounted skull a forever home. We’re not sure what the skull is from. Something big is all we know. I also have a few of his antlers. In a final junk heap on the front lawn there was a big box of more antlers. The crew had pulled them out of a deep, back closet. A pair with a skull and teeth all intact was quite impressive. One of the guys was smitten with it. He gave it a good home. I couldn’t believe my mom saved this record player all these years. I also found her old typewriter, another record player, an old slide projector, thousands of photos, old letters, newspaper articles, keepsakes of my grandmother and so much more. I found a forever home for the record player circled today! The amount was vast and the meaning immense. If you don’t believe that mom never threw anything away…check these shoes out. Granted they were in the garage but still… As the junk removal men were cramming their truck with the last of my childhood memories, a cleaning crew swept in around 2 p.m. At 6:10 p.m. they were still there when the buyer’s agent showed up to do the inspection. I thank God for the people that came through and helped get this enormous job done in a short amount of time. Atlanta Home Movers was also on site that day. They are a great team! The massive job got done with a lot of amazing people who came together and helped. My dear husband was also on deck and I couldn’t have done it without him. I made a lot of new friends and recommend all of them (check out the shared links). At the end of the day (literally) the house was emptied and passed the white glove test (literally). Thank you for reading! Love, Shelley May the God of hope fill you iwth all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that ytou may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit:Romans 15:13

  • Cleaning Out Memories

    Have you ever cleaned out childhood memories from your deceased parent’s home? Did you struggle knowing what to save and what to leave behind? Was it a titanic task (large furniture pieces) or a small, albeit, meaningful chore? Were there aches and pain regrets of abandoned items that you just had to leave behind? Hi Everyone: I’m in the process of cleaning out my parent’s home. There are years and years of stuff. Good stuff, not junk. Death of friends and family is no fun. Cleaning up and out of mom and dad’s possessions has been a giant journey. Our estate sale ended yesterday. It lasted for three days. I didn’t swing by the sale a single time. I go over today to see what is left to mull over. I’m sad and scared thinking about what I will (or won’t!) find. There were so many photos you wouldn’t believe it. I know I’ve said that before but, seriously, ask my family how many snapshots and slides I inspected. Without question mom was a zealous photographer. The strange thing is, her nickname could easily have been Frugal Fran. Mom did not spend money frivolously. But boy she didn’t hesitate to part with pennies on photo processing. I’m so glad that was the case because memory after memory is brought to life by the amount of photos she snapped over 92+ year’s time. When estate sale stagers discovered yet more photographs that I had missed, I told them that I didn’t want to take any more cards, letters or photos. “Get rid of them,” I said. But when I arrived at the house the next day after they staged, guess what I found? They had put aside another [large] box of photos. And sure enough, I acquiesced and took yet another mass of memories home to sift through. Life is so very short. Jeff says we’re all basically “farts in the wind.” That’s about the best analogy I’ve ever heard. What do you think? Who among us regards themself as more than a fart in the wind? Cleaning out and going through Papa and Gam’s stuff has been a monumental task for my whole family. Thankfully, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Glancing around my office, that statement is hard to believe. There is still a lot of sorting to accomplish. But, in a few short hours I will find out what was orphaned at their house and decide if I want to bring that home too, for memory's sake. Why write all this? Will anyone read it? Will anyone care? Jeff and I judged a homeschool speech/debate tournament last week. One of the speeches was about the benefits of journaling. The young girl who spoke gave a compelling speech of proven reasons how journaling helps relieve stress, fear and anxiety. Have you ever tried journaling for those reasons? Making friends on common ground, like journaling, is a favorite life-goal-forever aspiration of mine. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you for reading! Love, Shelley

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