In 30 seconds or less could you name your favorite, most memorable vacation or experience? BAM, just like that you know the precise place where you travelled that out shines all others?

For me, it’s easy: London — fave city in the world. I’m ready to go in a split second. Horseback riding is my number one thing to do while there. But, I’ve also developed a “beef “ with it in recent years.

I have Horse Disease; there’s no cure. Those afflicted must find horses wherever they go. The year was 1980, I was 18-years-old. A stable in the center of London offered rides through Hyde Park atop premium horses.

The horse I rented that day was magnificent: a bay, 16 hands high, long mane, cool head marking, spunky, with personality+. Five of us paraded around the park — walking, trotting, cantering and even riding along S. Carriage Drive not far from Harrods. My Horse Disease was in check.

I haven’t owned a horse for many years. But, you can find me at rental properties around the world to this day. My beef with facilities today is that they don’t rent real horses. Here’s an example:  

Stable owners never fail to ask: “Are you an experienced rider?” “Why yes, as a matter of fact I am — thank you for asking.”

So, why do I get placed on Cobs? That’s what they’re called, Cobs. One riding guide told me, “a bomb could go off next to that horse and it wouldn’t bother him.” Apparently, nothing agitates a Cob. Joking aside, they are indeed gentle beasts.

Horseback riding back in the day in Hyde Park, London is my all time favorite activity and London is my all time favorite vacation destination.  There are simply too many excursions for me to pick just one as the tip top winner.  Triangle Park would LOVE to hear what yours is!

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley