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Amelia Island

Hi Everyone:

I hope y’all are doing great!? What are you up to these days? Exploring new destinations?

Lately, when we’re not rescuing horses, Jeff and I are exploring Amelia Island, Florida as a possible retirement-home target.

(No! We’re not selling McKinley Road. Ever. Maybe we will though:)

Getting up to speed on aspects related to Amelia has become an adventure from a part-time resident’s perspective, potentially.

If you live in the south you’re more than likely familiar with Amelia Island?

But, if you live(d) in the northwest United States…say…Oregon, where I grew up, perhaps you have no idea where Amelia Island is? I had no idea Amelia Island existed when I returned to Georgia 40 years ago.

Do you know that Amelia Island has existed under eight flags? Or, that any U.S. territory has existed under more than a couple flags for that matter? I didn't.

If you happen to be well-versed on Amelia, then you know that the following flags have graced her, over 450 years time:

  • French - 1562 - 1565

  • Spanish - 1565 - 1763

  • British - 1763 - 1783

  • Spanish - 1783 - 1821 (with 3 interruptions)

  • Green Cross of Florida - (date not provided)

  • Mexican Rebel Flag - December 1817

  • American Flag - 1821 - present

  • Confederacy - 1861 - 1862

Amelia Island was originally named “Santa Maria” which was derived from a mission the Spanish conducted after defeating France. The mission was aimed toward converting and educating natives. But after the English destroyed Spain's mission in 1702, Oglethorpe renamed the island “Amelia” in honor of King George II’s daughter.

Who knew!

How large is Amelia Island? I was curious too:

13.5 miles long. Width varies from a quarter mile to two miles. There are 11,600 acres; 18.2 square miles (7 square miles in the city limits of Fernandina Beach). Elevation averages 20-25 feet above mean sea level. Annual average temperature: 69.9°F. (Amelia Now Spring 2022) All sounds good to me!

Wait, there’s more Sweeney-intrigue stuff about Amelia Island: “Since 1995, the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance has annually brought some of the rarest, most beautiful and unique automobiles to the island every spring.” (Amelia Now Spring 2022) Every spring! Jeff is a big car buff so this is pertinent info. And, ya, there are horses on Amelia to boot. But, way more important is that pickleball is alive and well on the island!

--Speaking of horses. When the real estate market comes down off its high-horse we’ll get saddle-comfort about trigger-pulling. Maybe a cute, little spot near John Grisham or something?

Tips on Amelia from y'all are welcome and appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Shelley

(Following up the previous blog, Jeff and I really hope some of you can join us at The Mane Event in September/Cherokee Town Club! More to come…)

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