Breakfast and Rent the Runway

Hi Everyone,

How are you? I hope and pray everyone is happily humble and thoroughly thankful. Spring is arriving! Winter ‘20/’21 was frigid and never ending in Georgia...until now!

Lord have mercy...I [officially] turned 59 last weekend. Can you recall certain birthday celebrations? Maybe your 5th, 10th, 18th, or whatever age? How about 71 or 42? Some birthday parties stick in my mind. For example: 7, 12, 16, 21. AND my last two, 58 and 59. Others, not so much.

This year and last year are particularly memorable because Savanna shared her Rent the Runway account with Diana and me by surprising us with eight dresses to choose from. We got lucky with "8" this year due to a shipping mishap which resulted in four extras. Here are six of the dresses:

I wore first and fourth from right; Diana wore first and second, left.

Savanna was spectacular in these two

Rather than celebrating with a family dinner, I chose an early breakfast followed by church. Clocks sprang forward the night before so we were extra groggy (thanks for waking up y’all!). But the food and coffee at Buttermilk Kitchen can get hibernating bears rousted up and raring to go. Their French press coffee is rich and invigorating (coming from a coffee snob). If you haven’t discovered Buttermilk Kitchen, check it out when you’re in Atlanta. Tip: Go early because the wait can be long.

From there we took full bellies, frilly dresses and famously handsome selves to a rocking good service at Church of the Apostles. The live music in the sanctuary is literally like being at a concert: loud, movable and perfectly on point. I just love getting into it. Sunday, March 14, 2021 was extra special because we took communion for the first time since the world's engine turned off. (Matcha cake after church added some sweet on top :-)

-- So, coffee, crumpets and, dine and dance on future birthdays? For #60 I have to say coffee, crumpets and church. It’s hard to project beyond that because it may get harder to rise and shine for such an event. Either way, I hope the girls and I dress up with Rent the Runway and make our own fun, regardless of pomp and circumstance. #Rentherunway birthday celebrations will always stick out in my mind because of the beautiful, borrowed dresses.

If you’ve already celebrated a 2021 birthday, Happy belated Birthday to you. If it’s on the horizon Happy Birthday in advance. Why not give a breakfast celebration a shot?

Thank you for reading this update!

Love, Shelley

"Matcha" birthday cake

Guess who

My loves

Another love

Rent the Runway Model, Dani Anni

March 14, 2021 sunrise taken by a dear friend in her major, swanky Buckhead condo.

Old people still make out. Just in case you wondered.

My favorite pics are slightly off-center ones.