Caught Being Kind

On Saturday, the day before Valentine’s Day, I had an idea to drop off a package on my parents porch to surprise them. Joe and I went to Fresh Market, which happens to be two blocks from our condo, to pick up some small surprises.

We spotted the perfect little Purple Heart vase, stuffed with three succulent roses. I was going to pack it in a big pink bag along with some cupcakes. While we were in line, I spied some bottles of sparkling crab-apple which reminded me of celebrating fancy occasions as a child. I ran over to the display while Joe stayed in line. As I walked back, I heard someone call Joes name and I was instantly confused. After swiveling my head a few times, I see my PARENTS. Staring at the flowers in Joe’s hands.

Needless to say we put the flowers back, waited for them to leave, and then picked out a few new treats to leave on the porch.

Happy Valentines Day!


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Savanna's significant other Valentine, Archie