Destiny & Delta L1011

Hi Friend(s),

How are you doing? I hope summer 2019 has been safe, spectacular and not too speedy for you.

I struggled to find a blog topic this week. Which is odd because there’s a ton going on in my life right now.

Perhaps too much!

Analogy: Imagine trying ever so carefully to take a few sips of water from a full-force fire hose. Water surges in your face splashing and landing everywhere, but only a few scant drops make it down your throat. That’s me searching for a topic. There’re so many possibilities my brain can’t hone just one.

A girlfriend sent me this article yesterday: airplane-romance  It’s a great story about how a young couple met on an airplane and it inspired me.

If you didn’t already know that I met my husband, Jeff, on an airplane now you do. Sure enough, we first looked into each other’s eyes on a Delta L101l bound for Salt Lake City, Utah from Atlanta, Georgia. It was an 8:30 a.m. brisk December morning.

Do you remember L1011s? They were ginormous!

I was the last person to board the aircraft that fateful morning due to being out late with friends the night before. As I walked down the never-ending aisle I kept my eyes intent on the numbers below the overhead bins, searching for my future 4-hour home.

Ahh, at last, there it is…oh my…I do believe it’s a tight, little number right there by [gasp] the toilet room…the last seat in the entire fuselage? Why, yes, that surely is my seat in the furthest back corner of the plane.

I apologetically squeezed in by a tall, handsome young man who was already securely seated and buckled in for departure.

Thus began my and Jeff Sweeney’s first Delta journey together and first day of the rest of our lives together.

I was travelling to my parent’s home in Richfield, Utah for Christmas. Jeff was travelling with a friend’s family for a Christmas ski trip in Park City.

His First Move (so to speak): Dick Tracy was the featured movie. I wanted to see Madonna and Warren Beatty in action. Headphones cost $3. I asked the flight attendant if I could write a check because I didn’t have cash. I’m not sure what her answer was, but I am sure that I heard my future husband chime in that a check wouldn’t be necessary.

The only problem was…I had trouble watching the film. Jeff wanted to talk from time to time resulting in me missing portions of the flick.

Admittedly, I wanted to talk with him also and the movie wasn’t very good.

We discovered we were scheduled to fly back to Atlanta on the same flight as well!

Shortly after we met

When we arrived home in Atlanta several days later, Jeff approached me in baggage claim and said, “We should get together sometime.” I told him I was “in the book” and spelled my last name for him. Two nights later on December 28 we had our first date.

Travelling has been a big part of our lives ever since that first encounter. Our favorite destination is the United Kingdom and Ireland.

On our latest UK flight, after dinner, while stretching out and slipping to sleep I felt the aircraft gently rocking. We were soaring through the sky, yet comfortable, content and blessed. Jeff was seated behind me. I pictured our first meeting on the L1011. We were currently seated directly diagonal from where we first sat, precise opposite corners, but similar Delta jets.

Though I had travelled extensively before we met, Jeff had yet to leave the country. He’s now a Delta Million Miler, Platinum Medallion, Sky Club Member ~ yadda yadda ~. Suffice it to say we no longer fly in the last seat by the toilet room.

We remain loyal to Delta – and each other!

ALL glory belongs to God.

Many years ago, if I hadn’t met my soul mate aboard a Delta aircraft I may have enrolled in a ballroom dancing class. If you’re young and looking to meet someone, try ballroom dancing…and, of course, flying Delta!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Shelley

United Kingdom 2019 Highlights Below:

London with Taryn and Bailey

Trump Turnberry, a morning walk

Headed to stunning Northern Ireland

Couldn’t resist a pic along the roadside

Cows roaming a beach, Ireland

Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway with a precious man I met on a Delta L1011 jet

That same man at Giants Causeway

Back home with our daughters and son-in-law after a wonderful Summer vacay 2019 / UK

Fiction is in the works. Snippets coming soon!