Easter Weekend

Hi Everyone,

How are you? How was your Easter?

Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday the weather was haunting in ATL — in a way that I envision the original resurrection weekend weather to be like. Friday evening, severe storms passed through after an otherwise beautiful week. Flooding, downed trees and a variety of other suffering was left behind. On Saturday wind, cold, and energy-zapping pressure hung annoyingly overhead. BUT, when Sunday arrived…blue sky, bright sunshine and Hope eternal was available for all to claim.

Suffice it to say, Easter 2019 was my favorite Easter ever!

Jeff and I were delighted to have S and D’s men join us at church, home, and brunch. Our cup(s) runneth over indeed with Love, Hope, Joy, and Buffet Food. Oink.

Atlanta is utterly spectacular this time of year. Flowers of every kind and color spread far and wide with a green-burst backdrop like no other. Think: Jackson Pollack returns from the grave and heaves buckets of the greenest green paint all over the city. The art of it all is so very welcome after months of bland earth tones and long, rainy days — no snow or ice to speak of – but enough rain to drown everyone in madness.

Here are some pics of our family’s beautiful Easter together. I know a few of you will miss seeing a photo of Mom (Diane, Gam, Grandma, Nana, Aunt Diane) or however you address her. Sadly, Mom took a fall last week and wasn’t able to make it to our celebration. She’s doing much better now, but not quite there yet. On Easter afternoon I took her a basket of fruit and vegetables and we ended up going out for a delicious Italian dinner in Dunwoody.  The memory of it all is tucked deep inside our hearts.

And, here’s a short link to TPA’s Fantasy Fiction this week:  Week 2 – Prudence We’re inching along and invite any and all of our dear friends to join in the story-telling process via email or comment. Imagination is deep in our souls. Why suppress it, let it be free!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful, blessed week!

Love, Shelley