Ever since crossing the 55-year mark, staying healthy and buff (if you can call it that) has practically become a full-time job.

Long gone are days of:

  1. Eating whatever

  2. Exercising for the endorphin buzz

  3. Having no clue what joint pain is


  1. Careful snack choices

  2. Semi-personal trainers

  3. Muscle-injury management

If you’re one of Triangle Park’s majority age readers (24 – 35) and you haven’t clicked out, thank you for reading this far. Tips from “those gone before” put you one step ahead of the inevitable, downward-physique game.

Here are a few of my healthy snack choices that I use to avoid inflammation, low energy, lackluster skin, fat and illness:

  1. Pitaya (dragon fruit) – This is a new kid on the block for me. Looking at this healthy gem is more enjoyable than eating it though, IMHO. The magenta, contrasted with black and white specks is spectacular…God art.

  1. Frog Fuel – This gem of a protein supplement aided me during a muscle injury less than a year ago. There is zero sugar, zero fat, zero carbs and its gluten free! Best of all, it was developed by Navy Seals. If it works for Navy Seal muscles it will work for mine.

  2. Power Shot (Whole Foods) – This little number is not the greatest tasting beverage on the shelf.  I gag it down any way becauset it’s loaded with anti-inflammatory effectiveness and immune system support (ginger, lemon, wheatgrass).

Use it or lose it!

Isn’t that the truth? After injuring myself last January, I discovered how quickly the body resorts to flab and also how painful it is to withdraw from weekly endorphin highs. I’m back in the game at Piedmont Fitness/ATL.  One particular class (Tues./sculpt) is often so small I liken it to having a personal trainer. This buff guy, Jamal, works participants’ bootays to their maximum ability in Tuesday’s sculpt class. Sometimes it takes days to recover.

PT is the new MD?

If you’re over 55 and haven’t made your way to a physical therapist yet, congratulations! Physical Therapists are in high demand and it’s no wonder. I all but consider mine (Ally) at Atlanta Sport & Spine a miracle worker. Ally solved a wrist/muscle issue for me this year.  She also teaches Pilates there. I highly recommend Ally if you’re looking for a PT  in Atlanta, and Jamal’s sculpt class at Piedmont Fitness.

Atlanta Sport Spine / after pilates this week

Cheers to staying healthy and fit!

Love, Shelley

Two more healthy-living faves that I just HAVE to share :-).  R. Thomas makes the Coconut Keifer (Zifty will deliver) and the Oolong tea can be purchased online.