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Falmouth, Jamaica Couture

Joe and I spent the past week in Falmouth, Jamaica, about 30 minutes outside of Montego Bay. This was our favorite trip to date! To read my thoughts on the hotel, Excellence Oyster Bay, see my TripAdvisor review below. And feel free to reach out with any questions. This blog is less about the resort, and more about vacation fashion. After struggling to find outfits for a few weeks, my mom was gracious to purchase a few items for me while out at dinner one night. I tried them on the next day and they were all absolute hits! I was so thankful. Here's a little virtual fashion show of the outfits she styled for me:

Hot pink midi dress Comfortable thick fabric made this a great option for enjoying pounds of pasta. Here we are pictured in the Excellence Club bar area.

Contrasting mini romper Received lots of compliments on this unique dinner look. Here we are pictured before hibachi while enjoying views of Oyster Bay.

Open back floral dress Love the party in the back. The sleeves were nice for chilly walks back to our room. Another pictured at, you guessed it, the Excellence Club!

My Trip Advisor Review My husband and I had a wonderful 5-night stay at EOB beginning May 28th, just 8 days after their reopening. This was our first all-inclusive experience. The resort: One the of the prettiest and well-laid out resorts I have ever seen! The lobby is gorgeous, the restaurants are gorgeous (I particularly liked the fancy cafeteria vibe of The Kitchen Table), the pools were awesome (we spent a lot of time at the rooftop infinity pool, sometimes completely by ourselves), the rooms were clean and inviting (however not family friendly), and the beach is UNREAL. 10/10 to the resort itself. The food: My review is actually closer to a 4.9 because of the food. Our first day and a half of meals were disappointing. I described them as "Trader Joe's frozen meals." The breaking point was when we ordered a room service pepperoni pizza that arrived with practically raw dough and huge slabs of bologna. I decided to reach out to management and voice my concern, since we didn't want to suffer through meals the rest of our trip. From the point of complaining through the rest of our trip I can confidentially say that we liked and even enjoyed the rest of our meals! We learned how to order, to sample multiple things and we also discovered that The Kitchen Table is the best breakfast on property. (The Magna breakfast is horrible as a side note). Shoutout to the juice selection at TKT. Unreal and a highlight of my trip!

The drinks: Bartenders and drink selection = A+. The Spa: A+! We loved our hydrotherapy session. Excellence Club: Not worth it from a food perspective. We actually thought the food was worse at Magna than other restaurants. However, the bar area and patio are truly beautiful for evening drinks. For that alone, I recommend upgrading.

The service: Top touch. Everyone wanted to help and we rarely had to seek out service. Activities: We enjoyed water sports almost every morning and did not have to wait long. We also took advantage of beach yoga which was relaxing and challenging at the same time. The shows at night were fun and better than I expected.

When all is said and done, this was my favorite vacation of my life thus far. So relaxing and so beautiful. We will be back!



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