Family Website: Own It


Friends have asked me why I’m investing time, money and frustration in an on-line, fixer-upper, Family Website to call home. Maybe you’ve wondered why, too?

I hear inquiries like: “your girls have moved out…aren’t Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. sufficient [free] platforms to stay connected?’

Great question that made me ask the following:

  1. Are you comfortable and relaxed kicking back in a [free] space that you don’t own?

  2. Have you ever thought about [owning a virtual home], a Family Website?


Yes, Savanna and Diana have flown the coup of their literal home.  But I desire to stay connected in modern fashion, virtually. The girls know they can “move out” of Triangle Park any time they want to.  The cool thing is, if and when they decide to move out, they’ll take with them experience of building a personal (Family) Website of their own.  They’ll leave with an understanding of sharing their voice from a platform that they own versus a free web space that a corporation owns and profits from (more power to the corporations!).

Over the past year, I noticed reluctance from the girls to “share” posts on their own. They’re fine with me doing so, but hesitant to upload them independently. Now that Triangle Park has passed the one-year mark with a decent cadence, I felt it necessary to explore their reluctance.  We discussed various awkward aspects of mostly Facebook (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat appear to not be as socially flustering as Facebook).

The most compelling aspect of my research that validated my intentions to continue enhancing our family website, was when I asked Savanna: “What are you more likely to share on Triangle Park as opposed to Facebook?” Her answer was: “Everything!” Diana agreed.


Obviously, Facebook is a fabulous, amazing, genius marketing/socializing vehicle and platform of the 21st century. Duh. But, dare I say sometimes it infuses dejection in the heart of the most self-assured among us. And, save for hilarious shared videos, gifs, spoofs, etc. some voices of people I know well are sometimes hard to recognize. Mine included.

Triangle Park is not leaving Facebook or any of the other social media platforms. Heck, that’d be like leaving Buckhead, or Atlanta, or Georgia, or the United States. Life would virtually end.  But, TPA hopes friends, family and others will continue to visit our family website too. It’s here that we feel most comfortable being our true, creative selves.  After all, we own it.

Everyone is welcome!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Shelley

Note:  I’m not suggesting purchasing and designing a family website is easy. It is not. But, step-by-step hard work has proven to be advantageous. We look forward to sharing stories of our Family-Website journey in the future.

Family Website Goals

Once they leave, you gotta get creative to stay connected: Family Website!

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another – Proverbs 27:17