Final Stretch

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are:

  1. Super-magnificent

  2. Free from body aches

  3. Awake before the alarm

  4. Not stressed or worry-ridden

  5. And, your energy stems from love

Our family is all the above and living life in the extreme.

Joey and Savanna will soon be married and jetting off into a heavenly, Italian sunset.

As most of you know, wedding-planning hoopla has gone on for almost a year. There are only three weeks to go. Virtually nothing has gone wrong [fingers crossed, head bowed].

Our team of professionals is comprised of personable, genuine, beautiful, articulate, intelligent people – one of the many, many blessings we’re thankful for. This team is the sole reason we’ve enjoyed smooth sailing.

Along side the crew, Savanna and I have kept meticulous track of everything (food, music, DJ, cake pops, photo booth, mail, and other surprises).

As the event nears fruition, I can’t help remembering the very first thing our wedding-designer friend, Sean, said during the initial consultation. Savanna, Sean and I were seated at a round, oak table in his studio. Sean looked right in Savanna’s eyes and said, “You need to know…this is about you…BUT…it’s really not about you!”

Everything “wedding-party” jolted into perspective for me. This once-in-a-lifetime bash that Jeff and I are preparing to throw is about YOU, our guests! All the planning, preparing, fussing, and serving are for YOU. Not us! And thank God for that. Doing for others is just so much cooler than doing a bunch of junk for the flesh, IMHO. (As our beloved pastor, Michael Youssef, says: It isn’t yours ‘til you give it away.)

Thank you, Sean, for those memorable, true, words of wisdom during our initial meeting. Making it about our guests makes it so much more for us!

We’re humbled and happy as we head down the final stretch before welcoming dear friends and family to Sav and Joey’s celebration of marriage on June 29 in AGC’s Ballroom and Terrace.

God Bless you for reading this!

Love, Shelley

You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love – Galatians 5:13

She’s all grown up and about to say “I do” to one lucky dude.

I just wanna add a comment about SEO critiquing.  My blogs almost always get a “green” SEO light.  This one did not.  I got a “red” light.  Meaning: it sucks and needs improvement.  The SEO police told me I used too much “passive” voice.