Flower Child

With Valentine’s Day behind us and our abodes full of sweet-smelling plants, the Sweeney girls have been fervently discussing flowers. Particularly, which flowers are our personal favorites and which ones are poisonous to cats.

Tulips and peonies are at the top of my flower preference list. Tulips come in so many beautiful colors and look so elegant with their long stems and perfect petals. I don’t like very leafy flowers, and a tulip’s stem has perfectly slender and discreet leaves. Tulips have long been a favorite of mine, and I look forward to seeing them in season every spring.

In addition, peonies have became a recent favorite. They’ve always caught my attention, mainly from being Blair’s favorite on Gossip Girl, but I recently grew a true adoration for the fragrant flowers. The blossoms, when they open in full bloom, are truly beautiful. Though they can be several colors, the traditional pink I’ve seen on most peonies is my absolute favorite (and is probably my favorite color in general). They are such beautiful flowers and though they can be hard to find, they are well worth it.

With all this talk of flowers being said, we had a very real scare with cats and flowers this past week. As I’m sure you’ve read in the previous blogs, Savanna’s cat Archie had an encounter with lilies that sent everyone into a spiral. The flowers are potentially lethal to felines, but luckily he did not ingest any of the lilies in Savanna’s home - he only got covered in their pollen. It was still a big scare and Savanna and Joey took him to the vet as a precaution. It opened my eyes to potential dangers with animals and things around the house. Moral of the story: Be very careful with what you bring into the house if pets are roaming around. -- Diana