Flowers and Felines

What's the first thing you think of when you hear someone mention Valentine's Day? Many of you will say love. Some will say chocolates. But I think most will say flowers.

Grocery stores, email inboxes and TV ads boom with flowers in the weeks approaching the love holiday.

I am lucky to have a husband who always remembers the importance of sending flowers -- whether on holidays or just as a surprise. (One of my favorites was when he had flowers waiting for me when we returned from our first trip together.)

Last Saturday, the day before Valentine's, I received a phone call from our concierge while sitting on the couch in a face mask. "You have a delivery - would you like me to send them up?" Within minutes I had a stunning pink bouquet outside the door, teaming with roses and lilies.

Knowing that some flowers can be dangerous to cats (and knowing we have the most curious cat of all time), I put the flowers on our bedroom dresser and closed the door, planning to enjoy them solely from the bedroom.

Fast forward past a lovely Valentine's weekend and a few days at work. I'm sitting on the couch with Archie on my lap after work, watching a Zoom meeting that ran late. I repositioned him on my lap and got a good look at his face. Covered. In. Lily. Pollen. Somehow, some way, his cute little face found its way into one of the deadliest plants to affect cats.

I FREAKED out. Crying / screaming / the whole thing. Called the vet right before closing time, who was kind enough to speak with me. He discussed our options and we landed on a plan to monitor Archie overnight for any severe symptoms, and to take him to the hospital in the morning to have blood work taken.

Thankfully, after spending a whole day in the hospital, our sweet boy is ok. No serious complications. And the vets all agree we did the right thing by getting him checked out. Even a small amount of lily exposure can be deadly to a cat.

Moral of the story: I LOVE flowers, but I love my baby boy even more.

One silver lining of the experience was having Archie sleep in our bed overnight so we could monitor him. He LOVED it and so did we.


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