Foods to Help You Reach 100+ Years

In 2016 there were 82,000 centenarians (people 100 years or older) in the United States. This figure is expected to increase to 589,000 in the year 2060 (Statista, October 28, 2021).

In 2060 I’ll be 98. That means if I make it to centenarian status there will be closer to 600,000 of us old farts shuffling around.


How old will you be in 2060?

Are you living a life style that is conducive to reaching 100?

Do you want to live to 100?


Remember being a teenager and thinking age 40, 50 or [gasp] 60-years-old was eons and eons off? People who’re that old will surely stay that old and “we” will most certainly hover around 20-something forever…or not.

Wishful thinking, we all do it once in a while.

Now that I’m a mother to my 92-year-old mother (Diane), I have freaking 1-0-0 on my age radar. One hundred! What tha…

Taking things for granted is never a good idea but the way things are going, 100-years-old is looking fairly feasible for Diane and since I have half her DNA...oh my.

Here’s an article that was published on Diane’s 92nd birthday last year in Health Fitness Revolution (HFR). I peaked at it because of the title: The Top Ten Foods Centenarians Eat. I know mom’s diet intimately because not long ago I was her private cook for three weeks. Though I agree with the "top ten foods" mentioned and do indeed incorporate all of them into my diet, mom regularily only consumes three of the foods on the list (eggs, avocado, chickpeas).

The first recommendation in the article is actually a habit rather than a diet component: "Eat a Healthy Breakfast," A big/healthy breakfast is positively part of Diane's daily routine. But, other than chickpeas in the form of hummus, avocado and occassional fish none of the other items are staples in her longevity arsenal. She eats plenty of chicken, ground beef and pork (lots of spaghetti w/meat sauce!).

As certain as the sun rises, three hardboiled eggs, oatmeal, wheat toast w/butter and absolutely no coffee or tea is a significant part of Diane's reach-for-centenarian-status morning routine.

Having watched and helped mom bounce back from two major accidents I took note of how she eats. Never will I underestimate the power of hardboiled eggs, oatmeal (breakfast!) and naps. The list of foods in HFR will help all of us but I hope you'll also consider what mom incorporates in her daily routine to stay healthy (eggs and oatmeal, eggs and oatmeal) -- did I say eggs and oatmeal.


PSST, rumor has it that Betty White loved potato chips and french too! (Southern Living January 5, 2022) Thank the Lord for that recommendation :-)

The importance of elder socializing isn't emphasized in this artile but it is in many others. My family provides the lion's share of mom's party life. We recently took her out to say good-bye to Diana (I know their names get confusing) as she headed back to law school. Carbonara is a favorite Italian restaurant where the food is delicious, service is superb and wine is abundant (no wine for mom though). Check it out:

Farewell until March Diana...

Speaking of old age, something the bible says:

"Do not cast me off in the time of old age: forsake me not when my strength is spent" ~ Psalm 71:9.

AMEN to that.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Hopefully we won't be saying a long-distance good-bye to Savanna