Got Influence?

By virtue of its name  INSTAgram can easily be surmised as a social media sensation. Instant gratification is the name of the game these days.

I read this short article a few days ago about a famous Instagram “Influencer”:

The featured photo in the article enticed speculation about Triangle Park, my family’s blog and Instagram site.

How does Triangle Park want to be perceived:

  1. Showy and filtered or flawed and imperfect

  2. Should we have a Style Book

  3. What do readers want to see and read MOST

The fairy lights in the above photo are intriguing and engaging. The lights outside of the cabin window look like city lights…as though the jet is landing (an odd time to sip champagne?). Or, are those lights reflections from the fairy lights? If you’re familiar with the small footrest that Ms. Harimaolee is sitting on, you know how petite she must be. The backward view is an interesting, artistic touch. Ms. Harimaolee’s caption indicated she was “star gazing.” I’m not a scientist but I believe star gazing is difficult to do from a commercial aircraft. I certainly have never stargazed from the fuselage.  Gazing at her reflection maybe?  Does it matter?  Which is more important to viewers: artistic embellishment or the not-so-perfect realities of flying [also] in business class?

Riding in the front of the aircraft is relatively glamorous, for sure.  Nevertheless air travel is still taxing regardless of where one sits.  After studying this most interesting photo — the effort Ms. Harimaolee extended and considering the unshown realities of front cabin seats — I decided yes I like her photo very much.  It’s somewhat unrealistic but it is aesthetically pleasing and IMHO that outweighs veiled realities (I am an artist after all).

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Shelley