Here Comes the Bride…

Diana: “This past weekend Triangle Park did something that we have never done before…we went wedding dress shopping!   I say “us” like we’re all getting married…”

Savanna: “For all of you ladies out there fantasizing about dress shopping, the time will come and I promise it will be just as fun as it seems.”

Reading these quotes from Sav and Dan’s blogs this week (links below) sent me on a reflective journey to my wedding-dress, shopping experience:

There Was No

Wedding-dress Shopping Experience

Nobody took me wedding-dress shopping or spoke of wedding-dress shopping. I went by myself and I bought my own dress.

But, this past weekend I shopped for a wedding dress with and for Savanna.  I must admit I struggled to keep my heart from wandering to thoughts of how and why I missed out on something so cherished.

It was the first time I’ve stepped foot in a wedding dress store. Ever.

Kelly’s Closet is a charming boutique in Inman Park, one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods (circa 1890).

       Midway through our appointment, I spied a mesmerizing piece. I say “piece” because it wasn’t a dress, but it sort of was. This beautiful garment would have been a dream to wear, had I experienced a big wedding.

Savanna loved it too!  When I saw the price I knew why we loved it.  The intricate beading was extraordinary — I proposed that Diana could wear it in her wedding TOO (a little price justification :-).

Then, get this! I got to thinking:  hmm, maybe after both girls get married in it, I just might hang it in my closet…take it down from time to time, try it on, play dress up, fanaticize, pretend we ‘all got married’ in it.  And…maybe…it would be ‘just as fun as it seems.’

Cheers girls, to joyfully living vicariously through you, my Triangle counterparts. And thank you for the inspiring quotes from your blogs this week.  It’s going to be fun sharing (with readers!) whichever dress Savanna decides upon.

It truly is better to give than receive!

You’re a model bride Sav.