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Greetings Everyone,

This week, I’m sharing an inspirational suggestion that might help you or someone you know that is struggling with addiction, rejection, depression, isolation…whatever SatanRx it may be.

Have you heard of Hosana Wong?

Hosana is a young pastor and spoken word artist from San Francisco, California. She caught my attention when I heard her talk about the myriad of social media untruths that deplete young people of their true individual identities, the ones promised by God. Hosana is young and talented.  She is reaching her generation in ways that are difficult for older [cough-cough] people to. But we can ALL be inspired by her.

Why the Topic of Inspiration

Last week, I read a tragic announcement about a young man who died of an accidental overdose. A friend shared the news and it quickly spread stirring similar stories. One thing is for sure, we all know someone struggling with “something” difficult [keyword: “something”]. Just imagine how many something’s there are in the world.

Why Share Hosana Wong’s Talent and Journey

I have watched two of Hosana’s videos (below). Hosana struck a cord in me when she used the following words in her video: I Have a New Name:

  1. Ugly

  2. Unworthy

  3. Discouragement

  4. Forgotten

  5. Garbage

  6. Addict

  7. Forever broken

  8. Second place

  9. Gross past

  10. Disgusting

Those words, coming from a young person (or old), are unfortunate and remind me of words that someone who accidentally or otherwise lost their life might have been listening to just prior.  They also remind me of words that a lot of pressure-packed, confused, wonderful young (or old) people just trying to get by might hear — not knowing why, where they come from, or that they’re lies.

My intention is not to reiterate Hosana’s messages but to raise curiosity to watch the videos and hopefully to share them with someone you know who listens to untruths.  I shared them personally with someone I know.

The Truth will set you free!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Inspiring Spoken Word Video by Hosana Wong

Inspiring Spoken Word Video by Hosana Wong

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