Jekyll Island vs. Sea Island?

What’s your preference when choosing a vacation destination? Fancy or Casual? As you've aged, has your taste and preference changed over time? I ask with two locations in mind: Jekyll Island and Sea Island (both in GA, one fancy, one casual). But the question itself is generic for wherever you choose.

If you know me, or have read TPA blogs, you know I’m a big fan of Jekyll Island (casual), Georgia. In a couple weeks Jeff and I are headed to Sea Island (fancy), Georgia. I’m looking forward to evaluating how they compare to each other and if my preference and priorities, at this stage in life, have changed.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel

If I were to have visited Sea Island...say...35+ years prior to now I would imagine that Jekyll would still be my favorite, in spite of five-star accommodations on Sea Island. You might say: Sure, that’s what you think now but you didn’t experience five-star get-aways in your 20s, so how can you really know? Actually, I did and I’m envisioning that our character is embedded in our souls and Jekyll would/will still hold first place regardless of stature of the latter, but we shall see.

I turn 59 in a few days and am looking forward to finding out whether advanced age influences my preference in travel destinations, particularly where these two Islands are concerned. I’m curious if core, innate tastes and proclivities carry on into advanced age or if the inevitable “slowing down” process takes precedence and “service and concierge” win in the end. And if so, is it more psychological or physical?

Fifty-Nine seems and sounds so old. But I don’t feel old...except maybe a little when the darn “slowing down” stuff creeps in, like being tired at 8 p.m. Jeff and I still do everything we’ve always done (travel, exercise, sports, etc.), but at the end of some days sleep sounds better than I remember it sounding. It always sounded pretty good, but not super good, like it does now!

Front image The Cloister
The Cloister, Sea Island

So come on, let's see if being 59-years-old means leaving behind a favorite, casual, do-it-yourself-for-the-most-part, quiet island for a more “serviced” destination. And if so, what are the main deciding factors: physical or psychological.

Thank you for reading and God Bless YOU!

Love, Shelley

Jekyll Island Surise