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Box with Save the Dates!

Savanna is not kidding, wedding planning is moving along. There’re mucho-shifting parts and my body temperature seems higher than normal as a result :-). Save-the-Dates are boxed up and ready to go out tomorrow, finally. All the fast-paced-ness lately has called for much needed SPA time. And that’s what I did last Thursday.

We’ve lived in the same house in Buckhead for close to 30 years (30!??). In hopes of relocating elsewhere via something other than a gurney, Jeff and I purchased a condo on Peachtree Road where Savanna currently resides. We aren’t convinced we’re the mid or high-rise types, but a new tenant on the first floor of the building is making it more appealing every day.

~ Truffles Medispa opened a new location in The Astoria, 2233 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30309 , check it out here~

I’m 56-years-old and from time to time I get run-of-the-mill facials at a “regular” spa. The thing is, anyone can give himself or herself a relatively comparable home facial if they have decent products in a drawer. Medispas are different; they offer things like micro-dermabrasion.

I tried botox a year and a half ago (1x!) and had a miserable response. I experienced virtually every adverse reaction on record (gastrointestinal upset, uncontrollable tearing, migraine headache — yes, it’s supposed to thwart migraines – fainting, botulism nightmares, etc.). No thanks!

At Truffles Medispa/Buckhead, Jennifer, suggested micro dermabrasion for me. I gave it a shot and was thrilled. The results are a step beyond a “regular” spa facial. My skin looked brighter, smoother and just better, without a single side effect.

Truffles offers other non-invasive “healthy” treatments. I plan to check more out and will let you know what I find. Here’s a link that explains micro dermabrasion in detail.

After all, part of wedding planning is preparing for the pics! There’s no going back once snaps are shot. Old gals have to work harder at Keeping up with the KIDaashians! Next weekend Triangle Park heads over to the house of former Kim Kardashian make-up artist, Stephen _____, for a trial make-up run. After, it’s on to invitation details at Paper Source/Around Lenox.

Shout out to Diana who is settling in up in Chattanooga. We miss you Dani!

Thank you for reading and God Bless us all!

Love, Shelley