Mothers Day

Mothers Day 2021 began with an early breakfast at Buttermilk Kitchen, a recent "tradition" my family has adopted to celebrate spring occasions. After fueling up on chia seed pudding, bacon, eggs, waffles and smoked salmon bagels, we all met at church. This is the reverse of what most families do -- going to breakfast before church -- but I prefer it since we don't spend half of the service daydreaming about lunch. Also, it's what my mom enjoys doing and this day was all about her!

That evening we went back to my parents' house to celebrate mom again and Gam as well. Takeout from Karma Farm was served in the formal dining room and we played "Mind the Gap" around the other family table after we ate.

To me Mother's Day means: flowers, time spent with mom, spring, yummy food and appreciating maternal love.

What does it mean to you?

Bonus: Our housekeeper wished me a Happy Mothers Day and then followed up the text with "Cat Mommy." LOL. My first Mother's Day.