Exercise Addition: Sweat Cycle

If there’s one thing the girls and I like to do together it’s: exercise!

I love to sweat. Sweating rids our bodies of toxins...like yucky buildup from sugary, fatty foods and alcohol. We just gotta get that muck and junk out of our cells and bloodstream -- if you want to be fit and healthy. Sweating is one way to help bid the toxins good-bye.

Thus far in life, aerobics, elliptical machines, pickleball, pilates, power-walking, spin, step, treadmills, yoga and, lately, Barre3 and tennis, have served me well. But wait...there's more: Sweat Cycle! Savanna and Diana say that I "have" to try Sweat Cycle. If you live in California or Georgia (only locations thus far), have you experienced it? I plan to. As the story goes, you spin your insides out in an 85-degree room that causes you to profusely perspire. That actually sounds heavenly to me.

But here’s the thing, I'm 59-years-old and lately spin classes leave my knees and calves crying in the night following a class. Spin teachers are notoriously young, hardcore exercise rock stars. That being acknowledged, I hope they'll cut me some slack if I hide in the back of the room, and stay secure in the saddle...the whole time!!

Though I stay physically fit and up-to-speed with my daughters (we all wear the same dress size, praise the Lord), hesitation is creeping in more and more, “Sweat Cycle” sounds a little too much for my age. But I plan to go with one or both of my girls to give it a shot (and hopefully not die). Dripping sweat sounds divine in spite of the“intensity” that spin represents. Perspiring clears the mind and body of attitude-souring toxins. Who can't use that?

Wearing an itchy, scratchy, hard-to-breath-in and hard-to-remember mask day in and day out doesn't help. That's a reason to sweat, don't you think?

I’ll let you know how it goes at the hip, Lenox Square Sweat Cycle as soon as I get signed up. Prayers appreciated.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

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Not a spin cycle but we were sweating. Destin, FL

P.S. Have you noticed that my last two blogs have been “On the Horizon” in scope?