Sweat Cycle ATL

I have never been particularly fond of workout classes. Particularly cycling classes. Most that I have been to leave me unsatisfied and with a bit of social anxiety. However, I have been attending Barre3 classes religiously for the past few months, and am so happy that I found a studio and a workout class that I love. Given my weariness for other workout classes and studios, I was extremely skeptical when Savanna insisted I attend a Sweat Cycle class with her (the “Sweat” meaning that these classes take place in a hot room - think hot yoga, but for cycling). I would already feel completely exhausted after a “normal” cycling class, and given that I am prone to heat exhaustion...this class sounded like a disaster waiting to happen for me. But I went anyway.

And I loved it!

Savanna gave me some great tips before we went to make me feel more comfortable: wear sweat-wicking clothing, bring ice water in a container that’s easy to drink out of, and just ride and not follow the instructor if it’s too much. With these tips and an open mind, I stepped into the warm studio and had an amazing workout. I did not push myself too hard as I was still quite nervous, but I followed about 80% of the workout and felt amazing afterwards. Sav and I had to sit outside the studio for a few minutes before leaving to catch our breath and gather ourselves, but other than that I felt great. It’s an intense full body workout that makes you sweat more than I ever have in my life. After I showered, I felt completely detoxed, clean, and great about myself.

If you’re in Atlanta (or California), I highly recommend checking out Sweat Cycle. If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get notified each Sunday about free classes that week! It’s an intense, dripping-sweat, and satisfying workout.

Here's Savanna's take on Sweat Cycle!