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Not-anticipated Journeys: Happy and Sad

Some journeys are anticipated, others are not.  Last week, Diana and I went on a not-anticipated journey.  Our dear cousin, Tracy, passed in a tragic accident and we wanted to attend her memorial.

Whether you take an anticipated or not-anticipated journey these days, you’ll find that it’s not business as usual when scheduling your route.  To get to S. Haven, Michigan we flew ATL → ORD → drove 122.2 miles → departed GRR → DTW → ATL.    

Worth it?  Yes.  Here’s why:

We saw The Bean (proof in the center).  The Bean is lonely.  No one can get up close and personal with him during covid.

We paid our respect to a Trump Tower.  Yes, I respect our president and admire his beautiful tower in Chicago.

We had fun taking photos in Millennium Park.

We had dinner with two of our favorite people in the world at one of our favorite restaurants. in the world.

We gathered on the beach.

We said good-bye.

And we remembered Trace.

Remembering a loved one
Cousins meeting for the first time

Love this pic. Only Jas and Chris are looking at me (lol). Tessah and Diana in their own world! Jess doesn’t know I’m there. Nick looking at Aaron. Aaron looking in distance and Tai looking at ? xo

It was a fun time while also a very sad time:

Bible Verses for Hard Times

The fine line that separates joy and sorrow at funerals made bidding Tracy farewell bittersweet, but mostly sweet.  Because I know Tracy continues to live beside our Lord and Savior, Jesus…eternally!  My smart, talented, beautiful cousin:

If you’re thinking about travelling this summer, I say go for it…and be super safe and cautious.  Even though flight schedules have changed significantly, it’s nice to just travel again.  Diana and I definitely weren’t the only ones back in the air.  Seats were spaced apart but the ones that were available were filled.  As the saying goes:  Delta is Ready When You Are…

Take care and don’t watch too much news!

Love, Shelley

In Diana’s words:

It was great to see family we haven’t seen in a while, and even better to meet family I never have before. The circumstances we met under were unfortunate and melancholy, but it was wonderful to spend time with family and experience a beautiful celebration of life. I hope to be back to Michigan soon!

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