One Honeymoon Lives On

Dear Friends,

I hope everyone is doing wonderfully well.

By any chance have you noticed that Triangle Park is zigzagging all over the place trying (praying) to find a consistent blog theme? An awesome one exists. We just know, know, know it does. But whatever it is, it sure is a shy and swift little devil. Because the minute we think we’re committed to one, poof, like a cornered cat it bolts away and divorces us. And you know what the strangest thing about that is? As badly as we want to marry a theme, when options come and go, an odd aura of “Relief and Resume” looms as our search starts anew. In other words, the search, the planning, the anticipation, the newness, the dream, the honeymoon phase, lures us back in spite of truly desiring a focal point theme.

Have you ever experienced a honeymoon finale? Figuratively speaking of course. Something (anything!) where there is a sort of pre-marital bliss that eventually turns to post-honeymoon melancholy. For instance:

  1. adopting a kitten or puppy

  2. starting a new job

  3. moving

  4. learning a new skill

  5. graduating from school

  6. losing weight

  7. having a baby

  8. buying a car

  9. building a house

  10. building a business

  11. getting in shape

  12. relationships and marriage

  13. purchasing high end cosmetics and/or attire

I know someone who gets so excited when they buy a new outfit or pricey cosmetics that they won’t allow themself to actually use and enjoy them. They “protect” the items to prolong the honeymoon phase. I’ve treasured some songs so much that I’ve sworn I’d never tire of and divorce them. Angels, by Robbie Williams is a rare recording that I’m still in the honeymoon phase with. It never took off in the U.S. but is often still played in the U.K. Other than Angels, I eventually divorced all of my “favorite” songs.

One thing Triangle Park has down pat is putting God first. He offers a honeymoon guaranteed to not end. It’s pretty cool that He paid a sky-high price for US so that we could be saved from our sinful nature. Once we’re in His world, according to His Word, we’re on board for one heck of an everlasting, eternal honeymoon.

How many honeymoons have you had come to fruition? Triangle Park won’t stop searching until we discern a close-to-perfect melody (theme!) to dream and live and share with y’all. Maybe it will be: One Honeymoon Lives On…

Thank you for reading.

Love, Shelley